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How to stop auto-generated URL on the website?

I facing a serious problem on the website I found a lot of URLs that are not created from my end, but those are created and indexed by Webbots and visible on SERP. website endtrace . com
I found almost 2000+ URLs which are not in the part of my website
find few URLs from below
Also wanted to let you know that show 404 Page not found error while open Kindly help me with this
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شرح محفظة كوين بيز بالتفصيل

شرح محفظة كوين بيز بالتفصيل
كوين بيز، هي محفظة رقمية لتخزين وتبادل العملات الرقمية، حيث محفظة كوين بيز متاحة في أكثر من ١٠٠ دولة ،حيث وصل عدد مستخدمين محفظة كوين بيز الى أكثر من ٣٠ مليون شخص وما يزيد عن ١٥٠ مليار دولار متداولة عبر منصة كوين بيز، الخاصة بالشركة والتي تسمى"كوين بيز برو" المنصة تدعم خيارات متنوعة من وسائل الدفع للشراء أو الإيداع كبطاقات الإئتمان والتحويلات البنكية المباشرة، ولكن هذه الخيارات تنفرد بها بعض الدول فقط ،كما انها أيضا تقدم واجهة برمجة التطبيقات للمطورين والتجار لبناء التطبيقات.
تأسست كوين بيز في ٢٠ يونيو ٢٠١٢ على يد الرئيس التنفيذي "بريان أرمسترونج" و "فريد إهرسام" ومقرها في سان فرانسيسكو بكاليفورنيا.
كوين بيز لها عملة مستقرة بسعر الدولار الأمريكي ، وهي مدعومة في أغلب منصات تداول العملات الرقمية.
لمعرفة كافة التفاصيل اقرأ المقال كاملاً
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The Disappearances of Tony Franco & Jennifer Martin from Lemmon Valley, Nevada.

These two children disappeared 4 years apart in a small suburb north of Reno, Nevada. They were both last seen within blocks of the same 7-11 convenience store. Could these cases be related? Could they have been taken by the same person?
Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco’s Charley Project Page: http://charleyproject.org/case/anthony-bernard-franko
2015 Article: https://www.kolotv.com/home/headlines/Tony-Franko-A-Cold-Case-That-Taught-Hard-Lessons-304493461.html
2013 Article: https://mynews4.com/news/local/cold-case-lemmon-valley-child-missing-for-30-years
Another 2013 Article: https://www.newsreview.com/reno/trying-to-warm-a-cold/content?oid=9763151
Anthony was last seen walking to his school on the morning of May 8, 1983, in Lemmon Valley, Nevada. He was a fifth-grade student at Lemmon Valley Elementary School, and lived with his mother and stepfather a half-mile from the school.
Although Anthony's normal route to school was to walk north of Fremont Street, he apparently went in the opposite direction the morning he disappeared.
A couple of months after his disappearance, a witness came forward claiming that she saw him in a cul-de-sac on the south end of Fremont Street, talking to an unknown individual driving a rusted out vehicle, possibly a Ford Pinto or a Camaro. He never arrived at school and has never been heard from again.
The school didn't notify Anthony's family that he didn't show up for class; as a result, they didn't realize he was missing until later that day, when he didn't call his mother as he was supposed to do every day after he got home from school. She notified the police after she came home, it got dark and Anthony had still not arrived home.
Anthony was a member of the 4-H Club, and the day before his disappearance he won a blue ribbon for showing his pet pony and two rabbits at a 4-H show. He took his ribbon with him when he left for school the next day, planning to show it to classmates.
A month before his disappearance, he ran away from home and went into the mountains after his mother punished him for poor grades. But at that time he took some food and dishes with him, left a goodbye note, and then returned home within hours. When he came back, he cried and told his mother he would never run away again.
When Anthony vanished in May 1983 the police initially assumed he'd run away a second time, and didn't start to investigate other theories until several days had passed. His mother never believed he had run away because he was very happy on the day of his disappearance due to his 4-H ribbon (other articles say that his mother took the blue ribbon with her to work to show coworkers because she was so proud.).
Both his mother and stepfather took polygraph tests and were ruled out as suspects. His mother stated Anthony was somewhat naive for his age and would have talked to a stranger.
Investigators believe Anthony was abducted while walking to school and probably murdered. His mother continues to hope he's still alive. No strong suspects have ever been identified in his disappearance; it remains unsolved. His case has been looked at again by cold case detectives, but no new leads were found.
Jennifer Martin
Charley Project: http://charleyproject.org/case/jennifer-lee-martin
2015 Article: https://www.kolotv.com/home/headlines/Cold-Case-28-Year-Old-Mystery-What-Happened-To-Jennifer-Martin-309664071.html
2019 Article: https://www.kolotv.com/content/news/A-32--year-old-cold-case-gets-attention-on-line-and-on-pizza-boxes-511873971.html
Another 2019 Article: https://www.ktvn.com/story/40742976/jennifer-lee-martin-32-years-later1
Jennifer was last seen at approximately 3:00 p.m. in the Lemmon Valley, Nevada on June 28, 1987. She bought candy and a soda at a 7-11 convenience store on Lemmon Valley Drive (Yes, the SAME 7-11 store that they thought Anthony may have been heading to) and disappeared while walking away from the business towards her home on Surge Street, just a few hundred feet away.
Jennifer should have arrived home in less than five minutes, but she never did. When twenty minutes passed and she hadn't come back, her older brother went to the 7-11 to look for her, and couldn't find her. She has never been heard from again.
Authorities treated Jennifer's disappearance as a possible abduction from the onset of the investigation. A white pickup truck seen in the area at the time was eventually accounted for, but witnesses also saw a light-colored Toyota Corolla that was never identified. It's unclear whether the vehicle had anything to do with her disappearance.
Jennifer is described as an independent child who was capable of asserting herself around adults and wouldn't have willingly gone into a stranger's car. The Martin family had moved to Nevada from Clearwater, Florida ten months earlier, and Jennifer seemed to be settling in well. She had no history of running away from home, and she was cautious and always let her family know where she was.
No strong suspects have ever been identified in Jennifer's disappearance; it remains unsolved. Her mother has kept the same phone number the family had in 1987, hoping Jennifer might call home someday.
Stephen Kiesle...In 2002, Stephen Kiesle, a defrocked priest, was arrested and charged with 13 counts of child molestation during the time he worked at Santa Paula Catholic Church in Fremont, Nev., from 1968 until 1971. He immediately became a person of interest in both the cases of Jennifer Martin and Tony Franko and police, using cadaver dogs, a radar and a backhoe, searched Kiesle’s yard for evidence of the two Lemmon Valley children as well as Amber Swartz-Garcia, a 7-year-old who disappeared in 1980 from her home in Pinole, Calif. However, the only item recovered was a bag filled with dirt and decomposed clothing. In 2004, Kiesle pled no contest to a felony charge of molesting a young girl in 1995 at his Truckee, Nev., vacation home. He served six years in prison. There has been no evidence linking him to either disappearance.
Do you think these cases of two children disappearing within blocks of each other 4 years part are related? If so, was the abductor stalking the areas looking for his next victims? Are there other cases where multiple children go missing from areas so close to each other?
Here is a google map of the area where they went missing with specific locations marked: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FiwcEplhahC3lTZS-B_HFyi4-jBlKJmZ&usp=sharing.
In 1983, Anthony was supposed to be walking up Fremont Street toward the Elementary School but was placed at the end of the Fremont culdesac in the opposite direction possibly going to the 7-11 before school. Jennifer lived behind the 7-11 in the trailer park on Surge Street. She made it to the 7-11 and then disappeared a few hundred feet from her house.
This is my first write up. Please let me know if you see any errors, or problems with links. Thank you.
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حلقة 2 : الحصول علي ارباح خيالية وبسهولة عبر الخيارات الثنائية مؤشر Spider Strategy المدفوع للخيارات الثنائية ، ايداع 10 دولار وصفقات لايف! الفا 12 ونصائح مهمه جدا للحصول علي اشارات جيده البرنامج الآلي المجاني لتداول الخيارات الثنائية شرح كامل اشارات vfx alert

ينطوي تداول الخيارات الثنائية على الهامش على مخاطر عالية، ولا يصلح لجميع المستثمرين حيث أن خسائر المنتج المرهون قادرة على تجاوز الودائع الأولية ورأس المال في خطر قبل اتخاذ قرار بشأن تداول الخيارات الثنائية أو أي أداة ...

[index] [12749] [5196] [5015] [8621] [10133] [1617] [3219] [12331] [8321] [12354]

حلقة 2 : الحصول علي ارباح خيالية وبسهولة عبر الخيارات الثنائية

الثنائي الآلي هو برنامج غير معقّد يقوم بعمل تداولات ذكية بالنيابة عنك. ويتمّ ذلك باستخدام إشارات مختلفة ... الدرس الثاني - تداول الخيارات الثنائية تفعيل الحساب مع شرح الايداع ومنصة التداول - Duration: 24:25. الباش مدرس El Bash ... طريقة الربح من الخيارات الثنائية مع اقوي استراتيجية 2019 شاااهد الاثبات ربح 2000$ في 10 دقايق ... JT Franco 611,997 views. 17:25 ... للتسجيل في الشركة الأقوى على الإطلاق في مجال الخيارات الثنائية ip option بإيداع يبدأ من 10 دولار فقط https://bit.ly/2wi0Z8V طريقة الربح من الخيارات الثنائية مع اقوي استراتيجية 2019 شاااهد الاثبات ربح 2000$ في 10 دقايق - Duration: 8:52. Eng Binary Option ...