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HFX is confirmed SCAM broker blacklisted by Forex Peace Army

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forex peace army جلسه0130 - بررسی بروکرها در

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What is the Forex Peace Army?

What is the Forex Peace Army?

The Forex Peace Army is one of the best possible research resources for you as a trader as a beginner. This organisation can help you best pick out your broker or find a different broker if you would like to switch. The Forex Peace Army best broker also fills their site with forums, blogs, books, and other information to help best educate you on the world of Forex and Forex trading.
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ForexPeaceArmy is biased in their site reviews

I posted a review for ForexEnvy about a year ago on their website, and I checked it day by day. They never posted the review. I gave ForexEnvy a 1-star review because they are scammers, and it's impossible to earn money from them.
I based my buying decisions on ForexPeaceArmy, until I realized that they don't publish all your reviews. They're biased as hell. When I contacted them about it, they never replied.
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Markets.com review forex peace army

Markets.com review forex peace army
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plus500 review forex peace army

plus500 review forex peace army
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forex.com review forex peace army
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Last Week in Collapse: November 5-11, 2022

Last Week in Collapse: November 5-11, 2022
Empty promises are made in the desert, Iran cracks down hard against protestors, and the environment continues breaking its old patterns.
This is Last Week in Collapse, a weekly newsletter, compiling some of the most important, timely, helpful, demoralizing, ironic, stunning, or otherwise must-see moments in Collapse.
This is the 46th newsletter. You can find the October 29-November 4 edition here if you missed it last week. If you don’t want to miss an edition, please consider signing up for the SubStack email version.
The Nile River is facing a grim future: salt water is creeping up the river because the levels are so low. The water levels are low because Lake Victoria is gradually shrinking and upstream nations have dammed sections of the Nile(s) for irrigation or electricity generation purposes. 97% of Egypt’s population lives within a few kilometers of the Nile, Africa’s longest river. The Collapse of the Nile River may eventually throw the entire region into chaos.
COPout27 has begun and some activists and world leaders have convened in Egypt to do…what exactly? Last year, “at the heart of the COP26” was the promise of the rapid phase-out of coal. As we have now learned, coal demand has never been higher, a result of Russia’s Energy War and the continuing coal plant construction mostly in China and India. Nothing will fundamentally change at this conference. COP28 is scheduled to take place in Dubai!
The air in India is really, really bad. Over 1.6M people are said to die from air pollution in India every year. The environmental minister labeled New Delhi, the capital, a “gas chamber.” (The mostly dead subreddit CollapseIndia could use some more attention…) India has committed to continue using coal until at least 2040. A carbon neutral future was never in the cards.
Promises were made in COP26 to cut back on methane emissions, and promises were broken. The Global Methane Pledge has been a dud; only one nation has made significant progress to achieving methane reduction: Australia.
Flooding and pollution in Victoria, Australia, is leading to the mass death of aquatic life. The smell is reportedly unbearable, and E. Coli levels are high in the water.
Iran’s parliament voted decisively to execute protestors to show the people a “hard lesson” in behavior. The vote supposedly sentences all of the 15,000+ arrested protestors to death. Several hundred have already been killed during the protests.
Iraq’s President is calling water shortage/drought Iraq’s biggest challenge right now. He blames drought, as well as upriver dams built by Iran and Turkey, which also met last week to negotiate water issues (leaving Iraq out). We all know that climate breakdown leads to War.
Kenya is sending 1,000 soldiers to the “Democratic” Republic of the Congo to help manage the M23 rebel army stirring up trouble near Goma, DRC. The DRC alleges that the M23 gang/army is supported by Rwanda, because they want the valuable minerals (tungsten, tantalum, gold, tin, etc) in eastern Congo. Could we be approaching a Franz Ferdinand moment to spark the Third Congo War—or will this sideshow get smothered in the jungle?
Tens of thousands of people have fled from M23 fighters in recent days and are building lean-to shelters in the jungle. Now 250,000+ people have become displaced in the region since March 2022.
Nearby Uganda is suffering from a growing Ebola outbreak—and overlapping misinformation fallout—and some officials leaked that this outbreak would become Uganda’s deadliest, leading to 1,200+ cases and 500+ deaths by May 2023. If this happened, it would become earth’s 3rd most deadly Ebola outbreak ever. The world’s two most deadly outbreaks each occurred over the span of 2+ years. Ebola typically has a CFR of over 50%. There is a vaccine for some strains of Ebola, but not this one; school is being canceled in the capital, Kampala.
Despite a partially effective vaccine, COVID is still among us, and it may be rising in your area. Another researcher says that repeated infections may almost certainly lower one’s immune system by destroying T cells, the white blood cells that fight infections. This may be why this year’s flu/RSV season is shaping up to be pretty bad. Herd immunity is never coming, yet the WHO claims that daily COVID deaths are down about 90% since February 2022. What happened?
COVID cases hit new records—2,000+ cases per day—in Guangzhou, China, and restrictions are tightening in Beijing, and in Zhengzhou, where iPhone production has been hit hard. COVID is expected to rise in the US this fall, and in Japan, too, where the governments have given up implementing restrictions altogether. So it goes.
Fear of a new pandemic may be proven right if bird flu is one mutation away from human-to-human transmission. Plus, the mass-antibiotics consumed by poultry could be setting us up for a dangerous strain of H5N1 virus. Japan ordered the killing of over 1M chickens after the remains of some tested positive for bird flu.
Protestors fought with police in Lima, Peru at protests aimed at forcing their President to resign. A similar protest happened in Ghana, too.
About 30,000 protestors turned up in Rome on Saturday, to protest for peace in Ukraine, amid the new Italian government’s plans to supply air defense systems to Ukraine.
Kyiv’s mayor is warning about potential long-term blackouts that could force the winter evacuation of what was (before the war) Europe’s 7th largest city (including Istanbul). Kyiv has already been the victim of widespread electricity & water denial attacks, but not on a city-wide scale yet. One resident said, “That's why everything that is happening now {strikes on infrastructure} is genocide. His task is for us to die, to freeze, or to make us flee our land so that he can have it."
Russia is pulling back its troops from Kherson city, to the eastern side of the Dnipro River. Kherson has been liberated. But thousands of Ukrainian civilians have already been forcibly moved to the eastern side.
Most of the world is burdened with “debt distress” and it might just bury them. That is, unless COVID, mental health, and other ailments don’t first.
Next year is forecast to have slightly less oil production than 2022. Have we passed Peak Oil?
The UN put out another report last week, titled “Integrity Matters: Net Zero Commitments by Businesses, Financial Institutions, Cities and Regions” about net zero plans and how to achieve them across many levels. I didn’t have time to read it. It seems like every week another large report is published by an intergovernmental organization or a major NGO…… Do any of you know of a singular source (a website, Twitter feed, etc.) that aggregates/shares these reports as they come out? Mere hoping that I stumble onto one of these PDFs is not a reliable way to catch them as they come in.
The World Wildlife Fund released the “Living Amazon Report 2022” last week, and it’s basically a death sentence for the Amazon rainforest. The full report is 98 pages long, and it’s packed with useful graphics and data. It should be called the “Dying Amazon Report”, though…
The UN is also reportedly creating a “global early warning system for deadly and costly extreme weather events amplified by climate change” at the cost of about $3B over 5 years. The system will theoretically be able to warn people of floods, droughts, heatwaves, storms, etc at least 24 hours before they occur. Many people are calling some climate disasters year or even decades in advance.
What we all knew has now been confirmed: Europe had its hottest October on record. And on Monday, Montreal had its hottest November day ever on record.
The contentious U.S. midterm election is over, and Democrats overperformed expectations. Vote-counting is still ongoing in some areas, so conclusive results won’t be known for a few more days. It appears like Republicans will win a narrow majority in the House and Democrats will likely hold onto Senate control. Yet ex-President Trump is planning his 2024 declaration for Monday. Meanwhile, in Israel, the right-wing won and brought back former PM Netanyahu (still on trial for corruption charges).
Lebanon’s crisis deepens, and now the UN is said to be partially funding the salaries of Lebanese soldiers in a desperate attempt to maintain order. Protests rise in Pakistan in the aftermath of a failed assassination attempt on the former PM Imran Khan.
France’s annual maize harvest is expected to be its lowest since 1990, a result of chronic drought. Across Africa, stricken in some regions by droughts or floods, cultural heritage is at risk, along with much of the wildlife and people. As drought threatens the Serengeti’s legendary Great Migration, a new, more dangerous great migration looms…
Glaciers continue melting in India, in China, and Greenland ice sheets are vanishing faster than expected. Same old, same old. If you hate glaciers, you can watch a sad timelapse of an Italian glacier melting over the course of several years.
A major name in cryptocurrency has been disgraced and fears of the collapse of other crypto services are swirling around.
China’s real estate crisis continues trending downwards, but it’s not alone. Global shipping demand is way down too because people don’t have the money to buy as much stuff anymore—or are scared of spending whatever they have left.
Things to watch for next week include:
↠ The homo sapiens population on Planet Earth is set to hit 8 Billion next week. Projections have it scheduled for next Tuesday, ahead of earlier projections for 2023. The world human population grows by an average of about 70M per year. (Earth reached 7 Billion in 2011; we were at 4 billion in 1974.) In what year will our planet reach its all-time high? What do you think it will be?
Select comments/threads from the subreddit last week suggest:
-The United States (and probably elsewhere) is in the grippe of a flu epidemic, according to this post and its foreboding comments. Some schools are reportedly closing down because of the sick staff/students. This RSV is causing the worst flu season in over a decade—and it’s probably related to the aftereffects of Long COVID damaging our collective immune systems…and it’s only November.
-2022 was a record year for shit, according to this post about the Four Five Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse: 1. boomers retiring, 2. declining EROI on oil/gas, 3. crop yield collapse, 4. rising interest rates, and 5. demand crash. Everything is interconnected, and it’s going in one direction: down.
-Reminder: COVID can have serious side effects. Yet another thread talks about how repeated infections can compound damage to one’s body & mind. Yet society gave up, and seems to become less and less careful/aware of COVID as time goes on…
-Full steam ahead, says one casual Friday post about the arrogance of modern society.
Thanks for reading. Got any feedback, questions, comments, articles, complaints, collapse dating tips, hate mail, etc.? If you can’t be bothered to check collapse every Saturday, you can join the Last Week in Collapse SubStack and get this full roundup sent to your email inbox every weekend. I always forget some important Collapse stuff; what did I miss this week?
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Market Crash and Food Crisis YOLO Update 10/24

Market Crash and Food Crisis YOLO Update 10/24
Up about ~$14000 total as of this week in realized and unrealized gains. A less than impressive gain since my last update (was up about ~$12000 realized and unrealized) but whatever the hell it was that happened on CPI day did a number on me. Since many people appear to be having issues with images on Reddit lately, in addition to the above, here's the current positions written out.
I've significantly rebalanced my positions, the account I was using for holding shares has since been switched over to income generating energy plays on oil, natural gas, and uranium. I've also dumped a lot of my index shorts to open a little under $8000 in Apple and Amazon puts.
The food shortage plays aren't looking great, the harvest came in worse than expected this fall, but I may have gotten the timing for the pricing in of that bad harvest wrong. Will probably look to roll out and add to the agricultural positions to next spring/summer. Ag ETF positions omitted from picture because AutoMod didn't like them.
C0RN - 27.60 (last update 26.91)
10 2/17/23 31c
W3AT - 8.75 (last update 8.82)
10 1/20/23 17c
20 1/20/23 18c
S0YB - 26.46 (last update 26.88)
10 11/18 29c
10 2/17/23 29c
SPXS - 28.87 (last update 27.14)
8 11/4 30c
SPXU - 21.92
11 12/16 21c
SPY - 357.63 (last update 367.95)
4 11/18 330p
7 12/16 300p
4 3/17/23 255p
4 1/19/24 210p
AAPL - 138.83
100 12/16 80p
100 12/16 70p
50 6/16 60p
AMZN - 106.90
50 12/16 65p
Link to the post laying out my general thesis on this play. And since this somehow became a thing in the comments of that post - yeah, that's not a straight screenshot of any of my brokerage accounts, I put the images from Schwab, Fidelity, and ETrade together into one picture on MS Paint because I've got no interest in sharing my full accounts or account numbers with the internet.
I'm not a fan of diamond handing options, blew up my account once like that, now I take profits. The italicized positions are new since last update, and were bought with profits from closing stuff.
I added the Apple and Amazon shorts because they're the two shittiest, most overpriced companies in the market, along with Tesla (tessie is going to die hard and fast once the HF's and institutions that are long on it start blowing up). Apple's consumer graph looks incredibly similar to Nike's, and well, look what happened after their last ER. Amazon is currently a great company (AWS) tied to a shitberg of money losing (everything else AMZN does). Jassy was a horrifically bad choice to head up Amazon as a whole because he doesn't understand what their marketplace's competitive advantage actually is or how it's being destroyed. Price target on AAPL = 45ish, on AMZN 25ish. Their PE's are 23 and 96 respectively. Both AAPL and AMZN also currently have Unionizing issues that are just going to keep increasing. Sooner or later TSLA will get unionized as well, at least at the factories.
I'd like to have more Amazon and any Tesla short positions, but right now I can't find a good entry on them, so I'll keep waiting until I do.
My optimistic case for global harvests is now -20%. Every international analysis I've looked at points to excess production from countries that don't have it to make up the shortfall. Supposedly the US is/has prepared a brief on just how bad it is, and that is not available to the public. I am no longer sure this will be priced in before my current options expire. Looking at potentially rolling my current ones out about 6 months, will add to them if I do.
As per one of my previous DD's, we're now seeing increased migration and violence around the world, with a second competing currency bloc forming primarily around Russia and China. There are some other countries that get lumped in with that, but I'm doubtful they all stick, given the tensions between many of them.
I'll take a second to recommend u/Peruvian_Bull 's DD posts on the collapse of the dollar as global reserve currency, there has been absolute chaos and carnage in the Forex markets lately and his stuff from over a year ago is pretty much playing out perfectly.
China's economy is basically a zombie being propped up by threats of violence to banking and real estate executives and local government officials. Once the China National Party Congress meeting ends (runs from 10/16 though 10/22) the wheels probably come off in a very, very bad way.
Tehran continues to have increasing protests after the Basij (religious police, everyone hates them) murdered a 22 year old woman for not wearing a hijab. Food prices are now higher than they were during the Arab Spring. These protests aren't as big of a deal as some in the west want to pretend, but they're a bigger deal and have more popular support than you'd think from the press coverage (lack) on them. Food prices and inflation are high enough this could easily take a wild turn very unexpectedly and very fast in Iran/KSA/Iraq/Syria/Egypt. All of these countries have large populations of young men and the temperature will get very hot in them in a couple of months. (the basic formula for societal unrest is lots of young men + poor job/future prospects + hot weather + high prices = violence)
Russia continues to experience issues with it's plan to draft people, and continues losing in Ukraine. Western leaders appear to be pulling a repeat of the Treaty of Versailles mistakes of just thinking they can grind a country down indefinitely instead of giving them a way out. The Ukrainian provinces currently being fought over were in open rebellion/civil war for years before Russia invaded, and would make some nice "buffer states" in any peace deal. Russia's conventional army is basically gone at this point, going forwards they'll be fighting asymmetrically with cyber attacks and hits on infrastructure leading to spikes in energy prices or big drops in markets.
India has halted Rice exports, after shutting down Wheat exports earlier this summer. California's Rice crop is, to put it mildly, toast. The poorest people eat rice - this one is going to get bad going forward.
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Oct/26/2022: __ Gov't members criticize Russia for aiding Azerbaijan with "corridor" & ignoring invasion; "we're almost done with you" __ Foreign debt shrinks __ New housing & roads in Artsakh; 230 km in Syunik __ Yerevan's new subway station __ Medical certification __ Bills pass __ Jobs & wages

19 minutes, 4813 words.

Nagorno Karabakh is building lots of new housing, roads, and infrastructure

Expect many new apartments and asphalted roads this year, said the authorities, citing projects financed by the state and Himnadram.
Projects for the construction of new neighborhoods consisting of hundreds of new single-family houses and tens of apartment buildings are complete.
The new highway connecting Artsakh to Armenia will have a new lighting network.
Urban Development Minister Sargsyan: At one point we became overwhelmed with project documents and tenders, some of which were inherited from the previous year, so we had to take a break to sort it out.
Just as in Armenia, Artsakh is facing a severe shortage of construction materials and cement. The lowering of the cement import tariff is seemingly having its effect, we are observing additional deliveries.
Reporter: What projects are underway in Charektar, Shahumyan? [village bordering Azerbaijan]
Minister: Immediately after the war, the mayor informed us that the residents wish to return to their homes. We rebuilt and furnished 25 houses and the school, restored the electrical lines, and built a new artesian well. The majority of residents have not yet returned, so the work has been suspended.
Reporter: What housing projects are underway in Ivanyan?
Minister: We are building two districts with condos and single-family homes. 20 condos are under construction, 10 of which - with 120 apartments - will be ready this year. 60 of the 107 single-family homes will be ready this year. The rest should be completed in H1 2023.
This housing is for IDP families from Hadrut, Mets Tagher, and Ughtasar. We are still building utilities and lighting infrastructure. Hopefully, the weather will allow us to finish it this year. Furnishing, which is also financed by the state, will begin in December. The 3-story building next to the new district will serve as a school.
Reporter: Any other construction projects?
Minister: By the end of the year, residents will receive 100 and 50 houses in Astghashen and Hovsepavan respectively.
The single largest post-war road project is the alternative road between Martakert and Stepanakert. Himnadram is financing this Martakert-Nerkin Horatogh-Chankatagh bypass road. The asphalt is ready. It will cut the distance between the capital Stepanakert and Martakert by 20 kilometers, by bypassing Drmbon.
We have also asphalted the road between the highway and Astghashen/Patara, with Dahrav road being next. [these are small settlements located west of the highway that connects Stepanakert to the north]
These roads are mostly financed by Himnadram. The state is financing the connection to several communities of Martuni and Martakert.
Reporter: Have you already repaired the damage done to buildings during the war?
Minister: We opened a hotline after the war to gather information about infrastructure damage. We recorded over 7,000 damaged addresses. 90% of them have been resolved. In some cases, we provided construction materials to owners. We are still rebuilding 120 structures that were completely leveled by airstrikes.
Reporter: Some of these efforts began last year. What housing projects were launched this year?
Minister: Several buildings in Ivanyan, 32 in Խաչմաչ [nice name, my lazy bros], 64 in Karmir village, and more housing for hundreds of families in Khnatsakh and Noragyugh.
The goal is to asphalt every road that connects settlements to the highway, and to provide housing to all IDPs, disabled veterans, and families of fallen soldiers, by 2025.
Reporter: Can you tell us about the overall scale of housing projects?
Minister: Construction of 4,000 housing units began after the war. This is the largest-ever construction since the 1st war. We are facing a labor shortage, and more financial resources could always help.
donate here

230 km of roads are being built in Syunik this year, foreign companies want to build the Kajaran tunnel: Infrastructure Minister

Sanosyan: Special attention is being paid to roads of strategic importance. 130 km is still under construction. The roads leading to border villages Shurnukh and Bardzravan will be ready this year.
The Khot-Vorotan section is facing complications due to landslides, so the asphalt will be ready next year.
North-South is under active construction. We are reviewing bids for the construction of the crucial Sisian-Kajaran section. Foreign companies have submitted a bid to build the Kajaran tunnel.
The tender for Kajaran-Agarak will be announced soon. //

construction of Yerevan's new subway station enters next phase | VIDEO

Last year the government hired the Russian company MetroGiproTrans to design it. Once the final design is ready, the construction of the 11th subway station will begin in 2024. It will connect Barekamutyun station to Ajapnyak.
This station in Ajapnyak was supposed to be built during USSR but the project was shelved. Every Yerevan mayor has since promised to build it.
MetroGiproTrans's Valeri Abramson visited Yerevan to meet deputy mayor Avinyan. The company recently used 3D scanners in the tunnel and will calculate the approximate cost. A team of engineers will arrive soon.
The city will choose between two options proposed by the designer.
Avinyan: If the daily ridership of the Metro increases by 15,000, that's about 20%. We will increase the Metro's load by 20%. The biggest winners will be the residents of Ajapnyak and Davtashen. //
The station will be ~152 meters. It might be on a bridge, or begin from the edge of the bridge.

the average monthly number of taxable jobs in January-August

663,000 taxable jobs, or +6% vs 2021 period.
Taxable income was ֏159.4 billion, a +20%.
Income per job was ֏240,000 ($600), a +13%.

parliament discusses Armenia's public and foreign debt

QP MP Bagratyan: Armenia's debt is approaching $10 billion. It is worth noting that 60% of it is foreign debt, whose share has significantly declined.
Our foreign debt has declined by $152 million since January. This is an important process that should continue, we must balance it with the help of internal debt. This was aided by the dram-dollar exchange rate.
If the trend continues, shouldn't we form a safety net and increase our foreign currency reserves?
Finance Minister Khachatryan: The Government will submit the 2023 budget resolution to Parliament next week. There will be thorough discussions about the microeconomic environment, monetary policies, etc.
This year we had to revise our economic projections every 3 months due to unpredictable events, and topics relating to debt were no exception. Earlier this year we were not expecting the debt-to-GDP ratio to improve this much.
(1) Economic activity was a lot better, it was 14.1% in January-September. That's approximately how the year will end.
(2) On top of that, the dram has strengthened against the dollar. If in January around 70% of the debt was in foreign currency, by the end of the year we expect it to be 50%.
In our internal discussions, we consider scenarios in which dram won't maintain its strength. We see no major risks in these medium-term predictions. There is a plan for every scenario, including with a strong dollar.
Regarding the "safety net". The Government has "կայունացման հաշիվ" in the budget, in which we store additional financial reserves for emergency situations. We have decided that a legislative regulation is necessary for this fund, so a resolution will be introduced soon.

bill approved: to boost demographics, unemployed mothers in Yerevan will also receive monthly child aid until the child turns 2

The Parliament voted 61-4 to approve a resolution submitted by the Government. Four opposition MPs voted against.
The assistance is currently only provided to unemployed mothers if they live in villages. It will become available to everyone and will apply to children born after January 1, 2023.
source, source,

bill approved: €22.6 million loan from EBRD to build STEM labs in thousands of schools, and open dozens of new preschools in provinces

The Parliament voted 61-4 to approve a resolution submitted by the Government. Four opposition MPs voted against the bill.
▶︎ 4 high schools in Yerevan and provinces will be rebuilt.
▶︎ 200 schools will receive modern lab equipment.
▶︎ 80 new preschools in villages that have none.
▶︎ Grants for universities for innovative stuff.
The end goal is to re/build 300 schools and 500 kindergartens by 2026, and create modern STEM labs in every school.
source, source, source,

Russia complains, U.S. responds

Reporter: Russia's foreign ministry accused the West of being engaged in self-promotion and trying to squeeze Russia out of Transcaucasia.
U.S. State Department: It's not self-promotion to put an end to years of conflict. Our only goal is to help Armenia and Azerbaijan to achieve comprehensive and lasting peace.
We’ve encouraged both leaders to meet in whatever format is most useful to them. We believe direct dialogue is key. That's why Anthony Blinken invited AM and AZ colleagues to New York City in September. It was their first meeting since the September flare-up.
It’s ultimately for Armenia and for Azerbaijan to decide whether President Putin’s [October 31] invitation would be helpful to them in pursuit of that lasting peace. Russia’s 2008 invasion of Georgia and its ongoing invasion of Ukraine suggests that Moscow has little respect for its neighbor’s sovereignty and is hardly a reliable, long-term partner. But ultimately, this is going to be a decision that Armenian and Azerbaijan will have to reach.
The restoration of Armenia, Azerbaijan’s, and Georgia’s independence in 1991 from the Soviet Union was a seminal event that guaranteed each of these countries the right to pursue their own foreign policy interests independent of Moscow or any other country. //
source, source,

peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan; direct negotiations between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan

QP MP Badalyan: We had an interesting situation yesterday. Opposition MPs decided to participate in the session. They put up a show and even ripped a negotiation document by Washington [after September aggressions, on the need to establish a ceasefire and sign a peace treaty this year]. It was widely covered by Russian media. Can you tell us more about the negotiation progress and our expectations? Is a peace treaty realistic, and can it be signed this year?
Pashinyan: Our wish is to sign it by the end of this year. Is it realistic? We are doing our part to make that happen. But we must finish the border delimitation this year before the peace treaty is signed. Is that realistic? Considering that we have already reached an agreement in Prague to conduct delimitation based on the 1991 borders, we consider it possible.
The negotiations... It's important to launch an internationally-visible public dialogue between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan. This is very important. Mechanisms for the protection of the rights and security of Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh must be present.

Q: Is Armenia attempting to damage relations with Russia?

Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan: No. Armenia wants to be treated fairly, it wants the obligations regarding its borders to be fulfilled. And for this, Armenia will do anything. There are no emotions here, it’s not a matter of liking or disliking. There are obligations and we will follow the implementation of those obligations.
Reporter: Russian media writes that Armenia is changing its political course towards the West.
Alen Simonyan: Excuse me but perhaps it is Russia that wants to change its political course because Armenia hasn’t done anything in that direction.
After the revolution, there was a lot of speculation about the withdrawal of the Russian military base, withdrawal from the CSTO, and other things. Have any of those things ever happened?
It is a fact that CSTO itself has withdrawn from Armenia, and not Armenia from the CSTO. If the CSTO has left, they should notify us about that so that we’ll be able to protect our borders with other mechanisms.
I can't discuss everything, but our public knows very well how everyone behaved after the aggression, what real steps were taken, and what was supposed to be done that hasn't happened.
Reporter: Do you have any expectations from October 31 meeting between Putin, Pashinyan, and Aliyev?
Speaker Alen Simonyan: I expect Russia to realize that Armenia's [interests cannot be sacrifized] anymore. Armenia cannot take another step backward. We are going to do everything to protect our interests and the interests of Nagorno Karabakh.

Q: Has Russia's CSTO responded to Armenia's call for military assistance?

Pashinyan: CSTO recently sent an assessment group. CSTO's council will soon discuss its findings. We expect CSTO to 1) give a clear political assessment of the September aggression, and 2) form a roadmap for restoring Armenia's territorial integrity. These are the expectations of the Armenian public and our Government.

Pashinyan criticizes "certain circles" in Russia for supporting a "corridor" for Azerbaijan

Question: Can you confirm that Putin has invited you and Aliyev to Sochi for a tripartite meeting on Monday
Pashinyan: Yes. The previous meeting under this format took place in November 2021. We will likely discuss the events that have unfolded since then, as well as the implementation of the Nov. 9 statement. We need to clarify and discuss certain topics known to you.
We will discuss Azerbaijan's invasion of Nagorno Karabakh territory which was under peacekeepers' control, in March 2022. We still don't understand the lack of response by Russian peacekeepers, and what steps are being taken.
Certain statements are still being made about a "corridor", including by some individuals in Russia who want to develop that narrative which, by the way, goes against the Russian government's official statements and the signed documents. So we need to discuss this.

Pashinyan criticizes Russia for not delivering promises on border stability

Pashinyan: Last year we were discussing the implementation of steps to stabilize the AM-AZ border. Initially, we insisted for steps be taken to secure the border first, and only then proceed with delimitation. But our Russian colleagues assured us that the delimitation itself would be the stabilizing factor.
Although we disagreed with them, we agreed to accept their offer in order not to be the blocking party. The aggression on September 13 took place after the formation of this delimitation commission.
So it's strange that our Russian partners, who were assuring us that the delimitation commission would ensure stability, to this day have not made clear statements condemning the aggression. I will raise these issues in Sochi and during a separate meeting with Putin.
source, source, source,

Pashinyan is again running his mouth about "dysfunctional" Russian missiles

It has already gotten him into big trouble once, in early 2021, when the now-former army chief Onik Gasparyan threatened a coup, after Pashinyan accused Russian-supplied Iskander missiles of not functioning during the war. At the time, the U.S. warned the Armenian army against making any bloody moves. Pashinyan went on to fire the army chief and win reelection.
On Monday Pashinyan visited the Anti-Corruption Committee, where he spoke about the ongoing fight against corruption, including in the army.
This time, without giving Russia's or Iskander's name, Pashinyan stated that some "scary-sounding" big-name missiles were not functioning during the war because someone had stolen components made out of gold.

Was it Alen դզյա who banned Margo տոտա from entering Armenia? Parliament Speaker threatens to disclose content from "disrespectful" conversations.

Yesterday Armenian parliament informed Russian Parliament official Konstantin Zatulin and Russia's RT media outlet's Margarita Simonyan that their entry to Armenia is prohibited. It's explained here. Critics have also pointed out that a few years ago Margarita Simonyan stated that Russia had the moral ground to "spit on Armenia".
Reporter: Tell us about the entry ban.
Speaker Alen Simonyan: Statements against the sovereignty of Armenia and disrespectful conduct against Armenia will receive a response.
Reporter: [10 reporters shout at the same time so I have no clue what the question is]
Alen Simonyan: I have no such information but I won't rule out that [Margarita Simonyan's] husband and other individuals with Armenian last names are also on the ban list. [likely referring to Margarita's equally controversial husband Tigran Keosayan, another staunch supporter of the Kremlin, part of a wider group that always accuses Armenia of being ungrateful and being in debt to Russia]
There are many such foreign agents who disrespect Armenia and its sovereignty. By the way, they often meet the members of Armenia's former administrations and make very insulting comments during these meetings. [Correction: Simonyan said the insults were used against members of former administrations during conversations with others.] Your colleagues [outlets owned by the former regime] want to defend this conduct, so perhaps one day I will be so angry that I will disclose the content of their private conversation for you to see.
Reporter: Isn't it dangerous to ban Zatulin, couldn't it add tensions to Armenia-Russia relations?
Alen Simonyan: Armenia and its security system are under attack, so I don't care what anyone feels about Zatulin's ban. We must defend Armenia's borders. The contractual obligations assumed by Russia must be respected. Yet we keep hearing fairy tales by these people on [Russian state media]. We are not going to remain silent after losing hundreds of soldiers and territories for the sake of not harming relations with Russia. It's not about loving or hating Russia.
Reporter: Ruling party MP stated yesterday that Russia is helping Azerbaijan to get a "corridor" from Armenia.
Alen Simonyan: There are various comments around this topic. The fact is, we have a November 9 tripartite statement. And although many view it as "capitulation" document, it contains several very beneficial paragraphs for Armenia. For example, Nagorno Karabakh and the conflict exist, it has LoC, there must be a Lachin corridor, there is no other "corridor" via Armenia, etc. The follow-up statement on January 11 was also adopted with the direct help of Russia. These are fundamental documents.
We are waiting for CSTO to act, to make targeted statements just as many non-CSTO states have made. But we cannot wait forever. Not much time has left. //
source, source, source, source,

Pashinyan's brother-in-law hopes that Russia will end attempts to secure a "corridor" for Azerbaijan

Reporter: Russian official Konstantin Zatulin and RT's Margarita Simonyan have been banned. They've been making various statements about Armenia for years, so why were they banned only now?
QP MP Hrachya Hakobyan: Zatulin claimed Armenia has signed a corridor for Azerbaijan. That is false, Pashinyan has not signed any such documents. So we must understand what these foreign officials are pursuing. Perhaps certain circles in Russia guide them.
Reporter: Your fellow QP MP yesterday stated that Russia is attempting to open a "corridor" through Armenia.
Hakobyan: Several meetings were held in Washington and Europe, in which we promoted our stance regarding the absence of the "corridor". Eventually, Russia might come to terms with the fact that they cannot make the corridor happen, especially now that they see the determination of our government and Pashinyan.
Reporter: Were there any direct demands for a corridor during negotiations with Pashinyan?
Hakobyan: I doubt it. It appears they are doing it more subtly.

interview with political expert Richard Giragosian about AM-AZ conflict, West, and Russia

Reporter: Your thought on the EU border mission.
Giragosian: I'm impressed because the EU as an organization is not known for a rapid response like we've seen here. It's further significant because it's a robust response in terms of deploying into Armenia's most sensitive areas, which means these civilian observers are very much hostage to the security of sovereign Armenian territory.
Azerbaijan gravely miscalculated in refusing to accept EU monitors on their side of the border. So even with limited duration and size, this is significant, it reflects more Western investment in Armenian national security.
Reporter: OSCE has also sent a needs assessment team. CSTO could send one as well. To what extent these missions will deter aggression?
Giragosian: Anything that will discourage Azerbaijan from resuming hostility is a welcome development. There is much more of a heightened significance of Armenia, and Azerbaijan is increasingly isolated.
Regarding OSCE. It is a consensus organization, but the OSCE leadership decided to send an assessment team without asking Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has threatened to block OSCE's budget discussion if OSCE goes a step further with the border mission.
However, what's most important here is the death of the Minsk Group. This decision and the deployment by the OSCE do not involve the Minsk Group, which is now increasingly irrelevant and in many ways replaced by OSCE's organizational commitment. The Minsk Group has had and continues to have the opportunity and mandate to monitor and conduct its own needs assessment, but the decision by OSCE was not to engage the Minsk Group.
Reporter: Russia remains a critical security guarantor for Armenia. The Kremlin has expressed displeasure with the EU mission and accused them of attempting to oust Russia from the region. How should the Armenian government navigate this?
Giragosian: What impresses me is that the Armenian government is successfully navigating. Even the negative reactions coming from Kremlin are not directed against Armenia. It's more of a confrontation with the West. Therefore the Armenian government has been fairly skillful in avoiding retribution.
For Armenia, Russia poses a new challenge as an unpredictable and unreliable friend. That's a different challenge than a predictable enemy.
Reporter: About Iran...
Giragosian: Iran's new Consulate in Syunik and military exercises on the border with Azerbaijan are demonstrating that Iran's interest is really more geared toward internal vulnerability. I see these moves as a challenge to Azerbaijan, rather than just an endorsement of Armenian security. Iran fears that Azerbaijan can be used as a platform to support internal disturbances in Iran.
Iran has not yet fully returned to the region. They are still looking for a nuclear deal with the West to ease sanctions, and have not yet returned to counter Turkey and Russia in the region. Iran's involvement should be welcomed but not overestimated.
Reporter: What do you think of the entry ban for Zatulin and Margarita Simonyan? Does this help Armenia?
Giragosian: I welcome the news. Zatulin and Simonyan were part of the problem, never the solution. Both of them are useful idiots and serve as Kremlin agents. This is a demonstration of Armenia standing up for itself, sending a message to Moscow that Armenian challenges cannot be ignored by Moscow. This is about Russia's arrogance for taking Armenia for granted.

Foreign Minister Mirzoyan's trip to the Vatican continues

The Holy Mass for Peace to Armenia, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations, was held in the Papal Basilica presided by Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, and attended by FM Mirzoyan.
Mirzoyan: Your Eminence Cardinal Parolin. We are deeply touched by your decision to preside over this Holy Mass and celebrate with us the 30th anniversary of the fraternal relations. I am grateful for your inspirational words and prayerful wishes on this joyful occasion.
My country has never lost its belief in the ideals of humanity even despite facing many challenges triggered by conflicts and particularly the recent deplorable use of force by our neighbor.
The Armenian people and Government greatly appreciate the Holy Father's blessings for strengthening our relations. // full speech, watch the ceremony,
Mirozyan met Edgar Peña Parra (Substitute for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State) and recalled his visit to Yerevan last year. He awarded Edgar Peña Parra with an Order of Friendship for his significant contributions to the development of inter-state relations. They discussed humanitarian issues in South Caucasus.
Mirozyan met Pope Francis and discussed various topics.
source, source, source,

Kazakhstan president orders the modernization of the army to protect the country's sovereignty

In the face of unprecedented external challenges, we need to ensure the inviolability of state sovereignty and the integrity of the country.
the military will be provided with modern weapons and equipment
A day earlier, US President Joe Biden, in a congratulatory telegram to Tokayev on the Republic Day, noted Kazakhstan’s leadership in bringing peace, stability and prosperity to Central Asia for three decades.
source, [redacted]

Armenian community of Ukraine installs a khachkar in memory of Armenians and Ukrainians killed during Ukraine war | PHOTO

It's located in Shepetivka, Khmelnytskyi Oblast. The Armenian Church sent a priest to anoint the new monument. This is one of >40 similar monuments installed in every province of Ukraine, said a community member.

number of Russian citizens applying for Armenian passport in Russia has increased seven-fold

They are likely mostly ethnic Armenians trying to repatriate after the war in Ukraine.
Armenian Embassy: The number began to climb starting in February. There were 290 applications last year and 2,000 so far this year.
Last year's legal reforms in Armenia made it easier to obtain citizenship. If in the past you had to wait 6 months, today it's 3 months + 15 days. Overall, from submitting the official application to the President's decree it's 3+ months. It's followed by other processes which have also been simplified. As you know, starting this June 25, a person who has received Armenian citizenship can pick up the passport in a foreign country, at the Armenian Consulate/Embassy. No need to visit Armenia in person anymore.
source, source,

Russia has been financing school meals for thousands of students across Armenia

Russia's Deputy Finance Minister Timur Maximov visited Armenia to learn details of the UN-organized program that delivers hot meals to students in Armenia. A few years ago they launched a process to transfer the duties to the Armenian government.
Simultaneously, students were being taught about healthy diet, hygiene, nature protection, and other skills.

Turkey arrests top doctor who called for an inquiry into allegations that the Turkish army used chemical weapons in northern Iraq

Dr. Sebnem Korur Fincanci was detained on charges of “disseminating terrorist propaganda”. Turkish army denied having such weapons, but the doctor inspected a video of the alleged use and called for an investigation. "Obviously, one of the toxic chemical gases was used that directly affects the nervous system."
source, [source,](sebnem-korur-fincanci/turkish-top-doctor-arrested-proposing-chemical-weapons-investigation)

central water pipe rupture floods the streets of Baku | VIDEO

Assad Ahemdov St. went to meet Spongebob.

certification will become a requirement for medical workers in Armenia starting January 1

Health Minister Avanesyan: The credit system and continuous education are great opportunities for medical staff to refresh their knowledge and skills. The requirement applies to medical workers who perform clinical activities. //
The certification began in June and has already processed 8,000 employees.

biologists at Yerevan State University have obtained organic fertilizer from coffee waste

A group of biologists at YSU have founded MiCoFe startup and begun recycling organic waste. Using coffee waste, young biologists have created organic fertilizer stimulating crop growth.
The startup took part in the AgriTech agricultural startups competition and was declared the winner.
more, video,

Armenian tech startups are entering the Dubai market

Hans Christensen, a Senior Director at Dubai Silicon Oasis, is in Armenia at the invitation of the Made in Armenia NGO. They plan to cooperate with Armenian startups.
Christensen: We will assist Armenian startups to open branches in Dubai, without a full relocation. Armenian techies will have the ability to work in Dubai. There is great potential for cooperation. Dubai needs IT outsourcing today, the goal is to hire 1 million programmers.
Blockcentro's Hayk Vardanyan: We have signed an agreement with Dubai Silicon Oasis to create the world's first blockchain ecosystem. It is planned to build a corporation with equal shares with the government, which will be the first in the world to implement tokenization under state management.
Tokenization and blockchain will open up new opportunities for Armenia. It can greatly benefit its economy. //
Christensen visited TUMO and met the representatives of the Government and IT field.
source, source,

international mobile game publisher AppQuantum is relocating some of its Russian employees to Armenia

They are headed to Armenia, Cyprus, and Kazakhstan. "There are no legal entities affiliated with AppQuantum left in Russia."
AppQuantum is known for Dragon Champions and Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger
source, source,

SURVEY: top-3 most and least corrupt institutions in Armenia

Most corrupt
Media outlets 69.5%
Judges and Courts 66.6%
Parties/alliances 64.6%
Least corrupt
Human rights office 21.3%
Audit chamber 30.2 (most don't know what this is)
Corruption Prevention Commission 30.2%
By CRRC, taken in November 2021.

Yerevan Jazz Fest 2022 will begin with a concert by Grammy winner Judith Hill

November 15.

Armenia's Eurovision star Rosa Linn will perform during James Corden's show on October 31

Her song exploded in popularity on streaming services after going viral on TikTok.

23 Armenian weightlifters won 14 medals during the European U23/U20 championships

6 gold: Gor Sahakyan, Milena Khachatryan, Liana Gyurjyan, Suren Grigoryan, Garik Karapetyan, Ara Aghanyan.
Others won 4 silver and 4 bronze medals.
Վահրամ Դումանյանն ընդգծեց, որ վերջին տարիներին մաքսիմալ թվով մեդալներ ունեցել ենք 2019 թվականին: 222 մեդալ, երեկվա դրությամբ ունենք արդեն 285 մեդալ, որից 100-ը` ոսկե

if you missed

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The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.
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Oct/11/2022: __ Nagorno Karabakh can win independence in world court: Gen. Babayan __ Europe & Klaar scold Azerbaijan for aggression & war crimes; Baku concerned over pro-Armenia stance __ Anti-corruption: judge, warden, "vor v zakone" __ Stroke mortality down; tax revenue up __ S&P rating & economy

18 minutes, 4717 words.

interview with Nagorno-Karabakh's former Defense Minister Gen. Samvel Babayan about settling the conflict in international court

Babayan: In 2018 I met Nagorno Karabakh (NK) president Bako Sahakyan and for 4 hours plead with him to amend the Constitution for the benefit of the country before his departure from office. I explained to him that Azerbaijani army camps were training their soldiers 24/7 to use new weapons, which meant they are preparing for a major war. At least amend parts of the Constitution so we could fight the war more effectively, I asked him.
During one of the final wartime Security Council meetings in 2020, I stated that either Russia should give us weapons so we can defend ourselves, or the Armenian side refuses to sign a ceasefire document and we all leave NK. [possibly meant "to gain strength and fight another day, without carrying the heavy baggage of a bad ceasefire agreement"]
The Armenian and NK governments did not at first understand what I meant, so I plainly urged them not to sign any documents. Azerbaijan is not the "powerful Azerbaijan" you think it is. This war was 50/50, and Azeris got lucky [because of extreme negligence and disorganization in the Armenian army].
Azerbaijani officials and Aliyev himself eventually admitted that the fights had moved to difficult mountainous terrain and the Azeri army was sustaining heavy losses.

... the critics accuse you of knowingly ignoring Azerbaijan's advancements from Taghavard toward Shushi

We knew very well they were coming, and I had explained to them where to install the landmines and other things that needed to be done. But sadly, 1) those who were supposed to execute it turned out to have zero brain cells, 2) I organized a plan to cut off the Azer advancement from Sghnakh, but the commander at the time dismissed it as "it's Babayan's plan, not ours", and proceeds to launch a frontal assault instead [presumably against Shushi] rocks, leaving 500-600 dead within 3 days.
All of this is being investigated by the war commission right now. Every participant has been invited to provide a written statement. Many of them are in a bad legal situation. [likely referring to the criminal charges against 2 of NK's top army commanders for alleged negligence]

.. why couldn't Nagorno-Karabakh win the 2020 war?

Because of lack of revolution in NK. The title of president was transferred from one president to another without reforms. The same about army commanders; they were all chosen by the political leaders. NK didn't win because of arrogance, ignorance, and political patronage.
The army was beheaded in 2000 and gradually dismantled for the next 20 years. We built it for 4 years, and they destroyed it in 20. This is an undeniable fact.
On October 19 [during war], I met Pashinyan for 20 minutes and begged him to appoint me as the army commander. I would bear all the responsibility. "If we lose, it's all my fault," I said. He went to consult with others. In the meantime, he received phone calls from here and there [presumably army commanders who didn't like Babayan], urging him not to appoint me.
Today the same critics are accusing me of "desertion" and leaving NK during the war. What exactly was their contribution during the war? I'll tell you what: they all participated in the war, but they were all hiding in a corner.

... How should we resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict? (Babayan discusses legal procedures)

NK has all the necessary documents to enter international courts. Our legal case is impeccable. Even if you appoint Ilham Aliyev as the judge at the international court, he won't be able to declare Azerbaijan the winner.
The NK used the Soviet Union's constitution to exit Soviet Azerbaijan. This was allowed by the Soviet Constitution: referendum, declaration, and so on, just as in the case of other republics.
The Soviet Constitution states that if a Soviet republic like Azerbaijan leaves Soviet Union, any autonomous oblasts within the republic, such as the NK, have a similar right to leave the departing republic (Soviet Azerbaijan). That's what the NK did.
In 1991 when Azerbaijan left the Soviet Union, what declaration did they adopt as the basis for their new republic? It was the 1918 document of democratic Azerbaijan. They returned to it. Now a question: what year was NK included as part of Azerbaijan? In 1921. So how is Azerbaijan claiming we are part of their country now?
When Azerbaijan applied to the League of Nations [the old United Nations] in 1920, a session was held in Tbilisi. What answer was given to Azerbaijan's two questions? Azerbaijan had raised the following questions: 1) To use the name they wanted for their new republic, 2) Their claim over territories that they believed were part of their republic.
While discussing the 1st (republic's name), the League of Nations rejected their petition because there was a similarly-named autonomy in Iran, so it couldn't be used by Azerbaijan. For the 2nd, regarding the territories they wanted to be recognized as theirs, since there was an ethnic conflict there, the Charter prohibited the League from recognizing the territories as Azeri until the conflict was settled politically.
This is why the League of Nations rejected Azerbaijan's claim and gave NK the status of a "spornaya territoria" (disputed territory). This is all archived with original documents.
In 1992, however, the UN recognizes Azerbaijan as an independent state with territorial integrity. It was a political decision by the UN, in violation of its own rules, just as the rules of the League of Nations had prohibited it.
Azerbaijan also manipulated the population census between 1979 and 1989 to undercount the Armenian population of Karabakh in the final period. They could not have organized an accurate and trustworthy census in 1989, a year after the ethnic conflict with Armenians, many of whom were forced to leave recently. Now we must collect the birth information of Armenians born in Soviet Azerbaijan and enter send information into the international court, too.

... Kosovo precedent

The independence of Kosovo is being discussed a lot these days. America took the Kosovo case through court to have it recognized, knowing that the efforts would fail if they attempted it via the UN and the UN Security Council. So they chose a process via court.
We must also enter the court. We have the necessary documents and the legal case. For some reason, this was ignored by our former presidents for decades.

... the negotiation process

The negotiations must resume as soon as possible. Azerbaijan must realize the importance of the moment and not repeat the same mistakes that we made after our victory in 1990s.
Unless Azerbaijan realizes NK cannot simply be part of Azerbaijan, and agrees to mutual concessions, both of us will become tools in the hands of superpowers. If they try to appease Russia and take their side, they will soon become Russia's tool. The same about the U.S.
There is a precedence. Georgia faced the issue of Abkhazia and Ossetia, but they realized they were about to be dragged into a lengthy conflict. Sure, Georgia didn't recognize the breakaway states, but it adopted a calmer posture and maintained its independence [from superpowers]. Does Azerbaijan realize they could easily lose independence and turn into a vassal?

... regional mini-powers

A lot is spoken about the interests of Russia in the Caucasus, but Iran often goes overlooked. They have the biggest interest in our region today because they realize that without an independent Armenia, their positions will be weakened.
Iran helped Garegin Nzhdeh in 1920-1921 to protect Syunik. Iran doesn't want Turks to become too powerful in the region.

... Nagorno Karabakh mandate & protectorate

Reporter: Several years ago when you returned to NK, you suggested a resolution that was met with criticism. Today your statements are viewed as "prophecy". I'm referring to your suggestion to resolve the conflict under the protectorate of a superpower.
Babayan: Let me explain. If you don't buy weapons for self-defense, the only thing left for you is to stand under an umbrella of a superpower so nobody can break your skull. They did neither, they called me a traitor and a Russian spy. I was also criticized by 99% of the current government members. They called me a Russian spy.
This region "belongs" to Russia. It's under the Russian "protectorate". We must cooperate with Russia. I was suggesting bringing the Russian mandate voluntarily. They didn't, so now they are forced to accept the same with territorial losses. //

Armenia expects from Russia "sincere and effective" cooperation in achieving regional peace and security

Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan was invited to Moscow for high-profile meetings, weeks after heavily criticizing Russian bloc's lack of response to Azerbaijan's aggression.
Speaker Simonyan: We expect from Russia productive and sincere cooperation on issues of achieving security and lasting peace in the South Caucasus. Currently, we live in very worrying times which is directly affecting countries and peoples. Azerbaijan has invaded Armenian territories and threatens the resort town of Jermuk.
Speaker Volodin: We are ready to hold discussions and consultations in different formats about the issues you voiced.

Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire last night

Shots were fired toward the southeastern frontlines. The Armenian side returned fire to silence the opponent. No injuries on the Armenian side.

EU ambassadors officially agree to send a civilian mission to Armenia: insider

Ambassadors of EU member states have agreed to send a civilian mission to the AM-AZ border to strengthen trust and contribute to delimitation efforts.
They are yet to decide the number of people in the mission, which countries will send them, and when. But it’s clear that the mission will arrive.”

EU wants Azerbaijan to provide detailed information on the investigation of Azerbaijani soldiers who were filmed executing unarmed Armenian captives

EU's Marija Burić: Considering the alarming and shocking reports received recently, I requested from Azerbaijan detailed information on the measures taken regarding the recent video footage allegedly depicting extreme violence against Armenian prisoners of war, including extrajudicial killings. The Council of Europe will follow the issue very closely. //
Armenia's Human Rights Ombudsman briefed France's OSCE Minsk Group representative on the details of the torture committed by Azerbaijani soldiers against female Armenian POWs. The French rep. highlighted the importance of the fact-finding work and expressed readiness to continue the cooperation.
source, source,

video showing killings of Armenian POWs by Azeri forces is evidence of war crime: European officials

A PACE session took place yesterday, during which several European officials criticized Azerbaijan's military aggression and war crimes.
Ireland's Paul Gavan: All hostilities took place in the territory of Armenia. None of them were in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijani troops targeted 36 civilian settlements, killed 4 and wounded 7 civilians, and it's all documented.

... invasion into another country’s sovereign territory can never be acceptable: Paul Gavan, PACE

Paul Gavan: It’s important to note that Azerbaijan continues to occupy a part of Armenian territory. And this is unacceptable. We’ve also received concerning reports on possible war crimes committed by the Azerbaijani military. I’ve seen the footage, it is really horrifying, and it can really be evidence of war crime.
We must see greater efforts by the international community toward peace. I welcome the planned deployment of a civilian EU mission along the border. //
Swedish MP Boriana Aberg: A few days ago I received a video showing a horrible execution of a woman, an Armenian prisoner of war. I am still haunted by these atrocious scenes and the inhumane cruelty taking place. It's not the only video where such dreadful evil occurs. //

... EU's Toivo Klaar gave a pro-Armenian speech, directly accusing Azerbaijan of violating Armenia's territorial integrity and destroying Armenian cultural heritage

Klaar brought up the example of the destruction of the Jugha cemetery in Nakhijevan. Klaar also said the unblocking of communication routes must ensure the sovereignty of countries over their own roads.

... European officials emphasized the fact that Armenia is a democracy and Azerbaijan a dictatorship

They called for the EU to balance out Russia in the region by deploying a long-term mission in addition to the planned 2-month civilian mission.
Another MP called for the resumption of OSCE Minsk Group efforts. Klaar said that the Minsk Group maintains its legal status as the platform for negotiations, that Azerbaijan still refuses to meet the Minsk Group, and that the international community will continue to help mediate the process.
Klaar said that the Armenian population of Nagorno Karabakh must have rights and security guarantees, and that the population must feel that whatever agreement is reached, it will ensure their security.

... PACE finally understands Armenia's stance: ruling party MP

Vladimir Vardanyan: They've heard us, and directly condemned the violation of Armenia's territorial integrity during the PACE session. Azeri delegation found itself almost alone, with support only from Turkey's delegate. The room was so pro-Armenian that I thought perhaps it was pointless to read my speech.
In my speech, I stated that the Nagorno-Karabakh issue is about ethnic Armenians' right to existence, and I highlighted Azerbaijan's racial discrimination. The people of Nagorno-Karabakh deserve the same rights as any other European population.
This is a fight between democracy and authoritarianism. We must be vigilant because we are not dealing with a trustworthy democratic state. As a rule of thumb, authoritarianism has a short lifespan. It can metastasize and strengthen, but when it collapses, it leads to a catastrophic situation. Today Armenia is viewed as a defender of democracy in our region. // full
source, source, other, other, source, source, Tags: #diplomacy #EU #PACE

Azerbaijani officials are bracing for possible anti-Azeri resolutions in Europe

Azeri MP Zahid Oruj: Very soon, a number of anti-Azeri resolutions could be adopted by the parliaments of various European countries because of the resistance by Ilham Aliyev.
France has been pressuring us for over a year to send foreign observers. It was agreed in Prague to send a delegation to Armenia, but not within Azerbaijan.
Why is Europe doing this now? Because the 2020 war was a blow to the West's economic and political influence in the region, so now - the countries that failed to send their forces to Karabakh in 2020 - are attempting to establish a presence in the region through other means. //

there is another country that also doesn't like the West's meddling in South Caucasus

Russia's Foreign Ministry: The EU is attempting to interfere and undermine Moscow's efforts to regulate the AM-AZ conflict. We believe that the only key to the solution lies in the full implementation of the tripartite RU-AM-AZ statements announced after the war. //

Armenian embassy in Kyiv is still open despite the bombing of the capital

Armenian MFA: The embassy remains open with additional safety measures in place. The building has not been damaged.

Armenia-Turkey-Azerbaijan relations

FM of Turkey, as always, baselessly accused Armenia of "provoking" Azerbaijan, but welcomed the results of last week's meeting in Prague, and said that Armenia and Azerbaijan have an agreement around the main principles of the peace treaty. Context: Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed to use the 1991 CIS agreement and the UN Charter to draft a peace treaty, proposed by Armenia earlier and supported by the West.
MFA of Armenia said there have not yet been any follow-up discussions around these agreements after the meeting in Prague. Foreign Ministers are expected to meet to discuss the formation of a text for a peace treaty, which the U.S. reportedly wants the parties to sign by the end of this year.
FM of Turkey: We must prepare before opening the borders with Armenia. We should examine our border bridges, roads, and rivers. Erdogan and Pashinyan have discussed all these issues in a friendly and sincere atmosphere last week. It was a productive meeting. //
source, source, source, source, source,

Pashinyan held a regular meeting with non-parliamentary opposition parties to brief them on negotiation progress

The meetings are held approximately once a month, to keep others informed.

group of U.S.-based doctors volunteered their time in Armenia

Fresno's Honorary Consul Abgaryan regularly gathers a group of doctors willing to volunteer in Armenia. They send experts from the best medical institutions.
Group: We had 32 experts from various fields this year. The focus was on the recovery of veterans, and low-income residents. The group traveled to Armavir, Lori, and Shirak. Surgery, eye care, dentistry, consultations, free medication, etc. We will return. //

stroke mortality rate has drastically dropped in Armenia, "nearing EU and U.S. numbers"

The government launched the National Stroke Program in 2019 to provide free treatment to more patients. Around 1,800 people have received care within the program, and the number is growing.
Program rep.: If in 2019 we had 350 patients, then this year we have already treated 500. The number of medical institutions that are part of this program has also increased. Gyumri Medical Center is a participant now.
So far every patient who applied for help has received it. The budget has increased from ֏650m to ֏1.4b. //
Diasporan stroke experts from U.S. and Canada are in Armenia to visit hospitals and identify areas of improvement.
Mikael Muratoglu: Broad awareness campaigns must be done in the public on preventive measures. The system must be developed and the level of professional skills must be raised.
Viken Babikian: Everyone speaks about a healthy lifestyle these days, but people must realize that this is, in fact, the most important factor. People should maintain a healthy diet and be physically active. Everyone should get a 3-hour exercise per week. Quit smoking and reduce salt intake.
Nune Yeghiazaryan: The results of the national stroke program are satisfactory - the death rate from stroke has dropped and the quality of life of patients is improving.
The death rate in Yerevan hospitals has reduced from 30%-40% to 20%. The figures are near what we see in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.
Also important is the fact that patients' quality of life after treatment has drastically improved, allowing many to return to work instead of being bedridden. //
watch full, source, source, source,

infrastructure projects in Armenia

▶︎ To address the 60% water loss, a new irrigation network is being built in difficult terrain in Vardenik (Gegharkunik). The construction of the ֏114m project began in September and is expected to finish this year. It's expected to ensure regular water delivery to farms.
▶︎ To address the >90% water loss during delivery, a new irrigation network is being built in Artsvanist (Gegharkunik). Every household/farm will be connected to it.
▶︎ Japan will donate $99,000 to the orphanage in Kharberd for the acquisition of furniture and appliances for 236 children.
▶︎ Red Cross has renovated several schools in border villages Kut, Sotk, and Khndzorut. Before & after pics.
▶︎ Yerevan authorities destroyed 6 illegal structures in Nor Norq district after warning the permit-less owners. watch the mayham
source, source, source, source,

soon Yerevan will have trees that have never been planted in the capital before

They will be planted on the streets and parks. The minimum height will be 3 meters. Full specs:
ծառերը պետք է լինեն ոչ պակաս, քան 3 մետր բարձրության, սաղարթը՝ ձևավորված, ճյուղերի երկարությունը՝ 1 մ և ավելի, բնի տրամագիծը՝ 5.5 սմ հաստությամբ, շտամպը՝ նվազագույնը 2 մ, և իհարկե՝ փակ արմատային համակարգով:

Armenia will send humanitarian aid to Yezidi refugees living in Iraqi Kurdistan

Armenia's Consulate General in Erbil signed an agreement with Barzani Charity Foundation to help replace all the tents in the Sheykhan Yazidi camp, and to provide school supplies to thousands of children.
Consul General: Despite the difficulties caused by the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan, Armenia has decided to have a small contribution and help the brotherly Yezidi people.
Barzani Charity Foundation: We'd like to thank the government of Armenia for providing humanitarian support to the Yezidi refugees. This is a message to the world: don't stop helping the 1 million refugees and IDPs sheltered in Iraqi Kurdistan.
source, source, source,

European court rules against Armenia in a lawsuit brought by an Armenian soldier's family

ECHR has instructed Armenia to pay €37,500 to the family of former conscript Malkhasyan who was drafted in 2009 despite having serious medical conditions. Malkhasyan died in the army after suffering a medical emergency.

Standard and Poor’s reaffirmed Armenia's ratings and provided analysis of economic factors

B+/B with a stable outlook.
The Good: The sustainable economic growth, slower growth of foreign debt, the decline in geopolitical risks, and the strengthening of Armenia’s external position will contribute to the improvement of Armenia’s sovereign credit ratings.
The Bad: Possible recession in Russia - the main trade partner and the source of remittances, as well as possible military tension with Azerbaijan.
source, source,

tax revenues have reached historic levels in January-September: IRS

IRS boss: We collected ֏1.412 trillion ($3.5 billion) in the first 9 months. It exceeded the target by ֏77 billion ($190 million). A new record was set.

... number of taxpaying jobs for the period:

2020: 603,000
2021: 626,000
2022: 663,000

... tax-to-GDP ratio:

2021: 22.7%
2022: 23.2%
Tax revenues are rising faster than the GDP, ինչն այլ հավասար պայմաններում վերագրվում է հարկային վարչարարությանը և հարկային կարգապահության բարելավմանը. Հարկային վարչարարությունը տարեցտարի իրականացվում է ավելի թիրախային:

... economic growth

In the current year, it is planned to have 11% economic growth and 8% inflation.

... reforms in customs departments

After reviewing the customs operations, a number of informal paperwork procedures have been eliminated. The declaration system was reformed.
Today, the imported goods are released from the border 15-180 minutes after their arrival.
160 customs agents are being retrained before being hired at the newly reformed departments. //

authorities will use the anti-thug law against another "vor v zakone"

In 2020 Armenia adopted a law to combat the Soviet-era "thief in law" subculture in which street figures with influence run racketeering schemes and "solve issues" for others in exchange for favors. It is now a crime to be a member of these gangs or hold a "title". Several figures have since been charged.
Prosecutors: A man named AJ intervened to solve a dispute between two residents of Odzun village. It turns out AJ held the highest criminal subculture title of "thief in law". He attempted to convince one of the sides to follow his instructions, however, the latter refused to comply and hang up the phone.
AJ viewed it as disrespect towards his title, and instructed one of his gang members to retaliate. The gang member went to punish the man but got shot with a rifle, and died. AJ is placed on the wanted list. //
[You can find AJ in every soap opera.]

anti-corruption verdict: "Kosh" prison warden is sentenced to 5 years in prison

Prosecutors: Lyova Baghdasaryan intentionally allowed certain inmates to violate rules, traffic prohibited items, and gave them special housing conditions in exchange for a $1,700 bribe. He allegedly conspired with members of the criminal subculture. He also hired his neighbor who got paid despite not doing the work. //
Lyova was found guilty of taking a bribe but was acquitted of "wasting state resources" charges. He was sentenced to 5 years. The inmates who bribed him will have 3 years added to their sentence.
Most importantly, the authorities will confiscate the $1,700 bribe.

anti-corruption: Prosecutor General asks the SJC to terminate a judge accused of corruption

The newly appointed chief Prosecutor Anna Vardapetyan has asked the Supreme Judicial Council to terminate the duties of judge Ani Harutyunyan.
Who is judge Ani Harutyunyan and her family?
She is the daughter of the former NSS chief Grigori Harutyunyan - a childhood friend of ex-president Serj Sargsyan. Her family owns the "Parking City Service" company that handles Yerevan's red lines.
They co-own the "Security Dream" company that took a fat share of revenues collected from traffic tickets in exchange for running the street cameras. The Pashinyan administration recently announced plans to end the contract with the troubled company that was at the center of a corruption scandal.
Her father also owns/owned a company that was accused of unfairly taking away the homes from residents of Yerevan ahead of the construction of Northern Avenue under the Kocharyan administration.
Her cousin is none other than Mihran Poghosyan, the Serj-era justice sector official who was named in "Panama Papers".
Her husband is judge Tigran Poladyan, whose brother is a judicial department official whose office was recently investigated over alleged corruption.
Ani Harutyunyan herself is reportedly accused of bribery and falsifying wealth declaration documents, but the Prosecutor General has not yet revealed the official reason behind the petition to terminate her duties. Ani Harutyunyan is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
source, source, source,

scandal: Russian-Israeli blogger Alexander Lapshin accuses gas company's repairman of charging him for a free service

Lapshin spends a significant part of the year in Armenia. He found an apartment for rent, but it didn't have a gas meter, so he called Gasprom-Armenia to have it installed. The technician was allegedly rude and demanded $20 to continue the job the following day. The company's administration reached out to the blogger to clarify the situation. The blogger wants to videotape the process of handing the $20 to the technician.

Armenian university signs an agreement with the global "SAP" university alliance; new lab & curriculum

The University of Economics has signed a cooperation agreement with SAP, and will join the 3100-strong community as a full member.
SAP enables higher education institutions to integrate educational skills and real-time job experiences in collaboration with public and private businesses
Rector Galoyan: We have a faculty of Informatics and Statistics. This alliance will greatly benefit the university's digital transformation.
We are drafting a new strategy to have a digital university within the next 5 years. It was important to join this alliance as a full member; we are the first university in Armenia. This will allow our academic community to integrate with the global community.
We have invited foreign experts to jointly develop a curriculum, and beginning in 2023 we will offer a joint master's program. The students will have access to a newly established laboratory. //
source, source,

Iran's oil workers join the anti-government protests

Workers at Abadan and Asaluyeh oil refineries, crucial for Iran’s oil and natural gas production, protested Monday over the death of a 22-year-old woman.
Iran’s government insists the woman was not mistreated, but her family says her body showed signs of beating before death.

Germany's cybersecurity chief faces dismissal over alleged ties to Russian spies

German Interior Minister wants to dismiss the country's cybersecurity chief after it was discovered that he is a member of a tech association with known ties to Russia. One of the association's members is a German company ("Protelion") that is a subsidiary of a Russian cybersecurity firm founded by a former KGB employee.
source, source,

U.S. states that wish to join Russia will be considered: Russian parliament MP's sweet offer to Americans

The Russian deputy made the remarks after learning that some Americans (as always) wanted their states to break free from the U.S. A breakup won't be an easy task, however, as the states cannot unilaterally secede from the U.S.

Russia declares Mark Zuckerberg a ringleader of a terrorist organization

Russia has added Facebook to the list of ‘terrorist and extremist groups. Its services were banned back in March for promoting "Russophobia". It was over the company's decision to allow Ukrainians to call for the death of Russians who invaded Ukraine.

"Florida man" sues Texas Pepe hot sauce after learning it's made in North Carolina

He was scammed of $3, so the class-action lawsuit reads:
By way of its false marketing and labeling, [Texas Pete] knowingly and intentionally capitalizes on consumers’ desire to partake in the culture and authentic cuisine of one of the most prideful states in America

if you missed

Follow on Twitter. Yesterday's news in English, русский (by Impossible-Ad-). Archive by Armeniapedia. Donate to Armenia & Artsakh here.
The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.
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hey I need help, I just made the arab league and made every country that egypt has a claim on in the federation but i still can't unify them into one country peacefully what do i need?

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How I missed out on qualifying for the Catan World Championships in Malta

This is a long read, tl;dr below
Buckle up ladies and gentlemen and brace yourselves for the story of the epic UAE (United Arab Emirates) Catan National Championships of 2022. The winner gets to represent the UAE in the Catan World Championships in Malta in November later this year.
May 2022
Let’s first go back to May 2022. Superheated Neurons (the leading board game publisher in the Middle East) announce they will be hosting this year's National Championship in the UAE. The tournament is structured into two open qualifiers, one in Dubai, and one in Abu Dhabi. In the open qualifiers, players play 3 games of Catan, and the official rules of Catan Championships apply, ranking all the players after the 3 games. The top 8 players of both open qualifiers make it to the finals round, during which an additional 3 games are played. Then the top 4 players of the finals round qualify for the final. The winner is crowned champion of the UAE and secures an all-expensed trip to Malta for the World Championships in November.
June 2022
Let me first introduce myself as V. I have been playing Catan for a bit over 5 years and fell in love with the game. A bit too much I would say. I probably played over 1000 games since then, participated in local tournaments and online tournaments, constantly watch streamers and YouTubers play, and I even studied the statistics of the game (DM me if you are interested in the youtube videos explaining that aspect of Catan, they are very insightful). I obviously was very excited to take part in the open qualifiers in Dubai, where I currently live for work. The day of the open qualifiers comes, and there are around 50 players registered for the tournament. 3 games are played. I need to win at least 2 of these games and score well in the 3rd one to secure a spot in the top 8. I play all 3 games and end up winning all three - which in retrospect did point out unnecessary attention on me - but I am very happy with the outcome. V ends up being the only player to win all 3 games and ranks first in the Dubai tournament and qualifies along 7 other players for the finals round (which takes place later in September).
Early September 2022
The Abu Dhabi open qualifiers took place during the first week of September. Similarly, the top 8 players qualified for the finals round. I will now introduce J. J is a very skilled player and also won all three games during the Abu Dhabi qualifiers.
The concluding day has come. The UAE championship finals will be played that day, during which the final rounds will be played and the top 4 will battle it out for a spot in the World Championships. I meet J at the venue of the finals before playing the game and learn that we will not encounter each other in the 3 rounds that will be played to decide the top 4. We jokingly say that if we end up playing together, it will be in the final - which will for sure turn out to be epic. The first games are played, and V and J both win their games. The second games are played, and V and J again both win their games. The rivalry intensifies. The third games are played, and V wins it again, making it 6 in a row, but J doesn’t. J still scored good points and V and J end up ranking first and second. V and J along with two players make it to the final.
The final
It all comes down to this last game. V and J finally get to meet in a game and battle it out for a spot in the World Championship. The board is set for the final, and the players get to choose on which turn they want to place their first settlement. I analyze the board. There is only one good ore-wheat spot. I decide to place first. Subsequently, J decides to place last. The placement turn takes place and V and J both have clear win conditions. V has a strong placement for a largest army strategy. J places on coordinated 6s for wood and bricks - indicating a longest road strategy. The game begins, we all shake hands, and V and J both get a good start. As the game evolves, V and J both secure their winning condition. V has the largest army. J secures the longest road and the wood 2:1 port. J is in a great position and is closing in on the win. The game is starting to look grim for me - I know I can turn it around with my development cards, but will I have enough time to pull it off? J eventually gets to 9 points. V’s turn comes, and he’s on 6 points (1 city + 1 settlement + largest army + 1 VP). V has 3 closed development cards (1 VP + 1 monopoly + 1 knight). V plays a monopoly on brick and gets a massive stack of bricks. V builds a settlement on the brick 2:1 port and gets to 7 points. He trades most of his bricks for ore and upgrades two settlements to cities. V is now also on 9 points. A lot of spectators are watching the final and are all super hyped. V and J are both on 9 points. It will all come down to the last minutes of the whole tournament to decide the winner. I still have 2 bricks, 1 wheat, and 1 sheep, and have an open spot for a settlement. I check out J’s hand. It is empty. I need to make a very difficult decision. Should I gamble my chances of winning the UAE Championship and qualifying for the World Championship by pulling a development card? Or keep my cards to build a settlement for the win? There are still 4 VPs in the development cards stack, as the other players only played knights and don’t have development cards to play. The chance of pulling it is between 20% and 25%. J has 0 cards in hand and has to build a city or pull a VP to win. After long thinking, I take the calculated risk of banking my cards. The game goes on. The next turn is played, a 5 is rolled and J gets wheat. The following turn is played, a 3 is rolled and J gets 2 wood. J’s turn comes and he rolls a 4 and gets a sheep. J decides to pull his first development card - the one I didn’t pick. It turns out to be a Victory Point. J wins the final. Everyone goes crazy - it was probably the best game I ever played - we all shake hands. J gets the spot for the World Championships. I am devastated, but I know I played the best Catan I could. I spent all night thinking about the sequence of my decisions. To make peace with my brain, I figured that it was best if I put my thoughts into words and post them here. J, if you are reading this, you deserve the win. It was meant to be that way. We both made the right decision. Best of luck in the World Championships.
V and J - both of which with an incredible record of consecutive wins - battle it out in the final of the UAE championship. They are both on 9 points. V decides not to pull a development card and skips his turn. J’s turn comes, he pulls the development card and it turns out to be a VP. He wins the final and qualifies for the World Championship.
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[r/IndiaSpeaks - Biweekly Geopolitics Thread] New emergency in Sri Lanka, Putin apologizes to Bennett, and the history of the tiny Gulf states

For all my previous posts in the Geopolitics Thread, see ididacannonball's Corner
Welcome to this week's edition of the Geopolitics Thread, the place where we discuss all the latest events from around the world. In this thread, I am happy to to share the fifth in a series on the history of the Arabian Peninsula. Please share your thoughts and interesting news articles in the comments. Here are a few to get the conversation started:

Top Stories

  1. Gota declares new emergency in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's President Gotabaya Rajapaksa announced a new emergency in the island country, allowing him to use the army to break up protests and a general strike that has crippled his administration. Protesters are demanding the resignation of him and his entire family, while opposition political parties are calling for radical constitutional amendments that would abolish the executive presidency and restore substantial powers to Parliament. Finance Minister Ali Sabry meanwhile admitted that the country's forex reserves are almost zero despite massive aid from India, meaning no relief is expected soon. Negotiations with the IMF continue.
  1. Lula launches bid for presidency in Brazil
Brazil’s former President and leftist icon Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ("Lula") launched an official bid to unseat incumbent right wing President Jair Bolsanaro in the country's presidential election scheduled for October. Lula, who used an oil price boom to lift 30 million Brazilians out of poverty in the 2000s, has been in the wilderness since being jailed for corruption charges in 2012. The country's Supreme Court eventually overturned the conviction years later, calling the original case judge biased (that judge eventually became Bolsanaro's justice minister), and clearing the way for Lula's return. Although he has a cult following with the country's mostly young leftists, the margin between the two candidates is actually quite narrow according to opinion polls.
  1. Taliban orders all women to cover up head to toe
The Taliban regime in Afghanistan, further showing that it is no different from its previous avatar, ordered all women and girls in the country to wear a full-body burqa, with nothing but their eyes showing. This comes in the wake of the regime effectively banning all female education above class 6. "We want our sisters to live with dignity and safety," said Khalid Hanafi, acting minister for the Taliban's vice and virtue ministry. This move further shows US President Joe Biden's failed idea of using economic carrots and sticks to coerce the Taliban to respect women's rights after they defeated NATO forces.
  1. China makes former cop new leader of Hong Kong
In the final deathblow to democracy in Hong Kong, the Special Autonomous Region's legislature is all set to elect John Lee, a former police chief, as the chief executive. He is the only candidate that was cleared by Beijing, and therefore the election is more of a show for propaganda value than an genuine competition. According to Beijing's National Security Law, only "patriotic" candidates with pre-clearance from Beijing are eligible to hold any office in the city. Lee is currently under US sanctions for his role in crushing protests against the law.
  1. Putin apologizes to Israel for Lavrov's bizarre comments
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made a bizarre comment in a TV interview. When asked how Ukraine could support Nazis when Ukrainian President Zalensky himself was Jewish, Lavrov joked that even Hitler had some Jewish blood. This is a common, anti-Semitic trope used in many Slavic countries to deny or downplay the Holocaust, and is not true. His comments however, led to a huge protest from Israel. Lavrov's Ministry followed it up with a statement accusing Israel of supporting Nazis in Ukraine (!), even though Israel has remained neutral and refused to implement Western sanctions despite intense pressure. The matter was finally ended in a direct call between Putin and Israeli PM Bennett, where the former apologized and the apology was accepted.

Geopolitical History: The Children of Sykes-Picot Part 5: The Small but Big Gulf States

This is the fifth part of a series discussing the history of the countries in the Middle East that were born of the Sykes-Picot pact.
Part 1: Background
Part 2: The Arab Revolt
Part 3: The Partition
Part 4: Saudi Arabia
Up until now, this series has focused on the happenings on the western side of the Arab peninsula, around the Red and Mediterranean Seas. These are the areas that are the most densely populated and were part of the Ottoman Empire. But it's not as if the eastern coast, along the Persian Gulf, was empty either. Those areas, though far from the influence of the Ottomans, had a crucial geopolitical location since they sat right next to two great Asian civilizations: Persia and India. These two traded with Europe for millennia (indeed, their English names are Latinized versions of geographical features - the Pars plateau and the Indus river, respectively), but Persia usually traded by land and India by sea.
Sea trade is a funny affair. We like to think of it as just ships going about their business, but they're manned by real people in what is basically a lawless environment. On the east were the extraordinarily rich civilizations of Persia and India, to the west were the industrializing nations of Europe. In the middle were poor, nomadic tribes that lived near oases in the desert. Naturally, there was piracy. The Portuguese, operating out of Goa and the Bombay islands, were the first to attempt to fight it, by building forts and sending patrols to the area. But once the British East India Company won a presence in India, the Royal Navy got involved. In 1809 and then again in 1819, they invaded the small oases near the coast, forcing them to sign an Agreement of Truce. These seven little kingdoms - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah - were collectively called the Trucial States. Separately, the British signed a similar agreement with the island kingdom of Bahrain. These kingdoms agreed to become British protectorates, ceding their foreign relations, currency, and communications to Britain, in exchange for guaranteed military protection, primarily from Persia. The Trucial States were administered by the Governor-General of British India from Bombay, which by then had gone from the Portuguese to the British as dowry.
The Trucial States and Bahrain, in general, remained impoverished desert outposts for much of the 19th century. A major export for them was natural pearls, with a major patron being the Nizam of Hyderabad, another protectorate of British India. They had their own kings and legal codes, but there wasn't much to enforce. It was boring, especially compared to the hectic activities going on in the western side of the Arabian peninsula. Being British protectorates, they survived Ibn Saud's conquest of the Arabian peninsula that saw the Hashemites driven out of Mecca - even the religious fanatic was not foolish enough to challenge the Royal Navy.
From the 1930s onward, as oil began to be discovered in the region, the British secured exclusive exploration rights for their own companies and sure enough, they eventually found it - huge reserves of oil (and later natural gas) in the waters off Abu Dhabi. However, this was in the 1950s. In between, Britain has been severely weakened by WW2, and India had gained independence. The net result was that the British could not afford to keep protecting the Trucial States and Bahrain, although some responsibilities like currency were adopted by the new Government of India. By 1971, things had reached a head - the Indian government had stopped supporting the currency of the Trucial States, and Britain itself fell into economic decline. The decision was made - Britain would leave the Gulf by December, 1971 over the objections and pleas of the kingdoms. Those states had no functioning army or navy, and their oil and territory was coveted by Persia (now called Iran) and Saudi Arabia. The kingdoms had a year to figure out their affairs.
In mid-1971, Iran attacked and annexed two oil-rich islands in the Gulf even as a British destroyer watched on. This incident forced the kingdoms to stop bickering with each other: days before the Agreement of Truce was to terminate, six of them (later joined by Ras Al Khaimah) joined to form a new country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Bahrain declined to join and declared independence instead. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan, the emir of Abu Dhabi, became the first president. After the spook of the Iranian annexation of its islands, the country formed alliances with the west and built a strong military. While Abu Dhabi still had all the oil, each emirate was free to have its own economic policy. Most of them decided to stay around the traditional occupations of pearls and fishing, but Dubai chose a radically different route - opening up to global trade and capital and investing heavily in infrastructure, including the massive Port of Jebel Ali. In this mass hysteria of construction, Dubai rekindled the emirates' old relationship with India - millions of workers from the subcontinent gave their sweat and blood to build those projects.
Today, the UAE is the most diversified economy in the entire Gulf, with the largest number of expatriates who face an extremely friendly business environment, particularly in Dubai. Bahrain, meanwhile, has tried to emulate Dubai's strategy but with limited success, being better known as a holiday destination for not-very-conservative Saudi elites and home of the US Navy's Sixth Fleet. And to think, it all began with some pirates. In Part 6, we'll go further south and look at two countries that could not be more different: Yemen and Oman.

Have any interesting stories from around the world? Have any questions about geopolitics? Put them in the comments!
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List Of WebMoney Forex Brokers In Malaysia

List Of WebMoney Forex Brokers In Malaysia

List Of WebMoney Forex Brokers In Malaysia

Webmoney Is A Digital Payment Service Which Is Accepted By Several Online Forex Brokers. The Number Of WebMoney Forex Brokers Is On The Increase, Largely On Account Of The Security And Speed Offered By The Service. Other Advantages For Stockbroking Platforms Which Accept Webmonet Include Acceptance Of All Major Currencies And An Ability To Handle Large Transactions.

1. eToro Review


eToro Regulation

As a financial services provider that is based in Cyprus, eToro is subjected to the regulatory oversight of the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC).

eToro Accepted Countries

eToro accepts traders from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most other countries.

eToro Platforms

  • Webtrader

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eToro Conclusion

Etoro Is A Well-known Israeli Fintech Company And A Social Trading Broker, Established In 2007. Etoro Is Not Listed On Any Stock Exchange, Does Not Disclose Its Annual Report On Its Website, And Does Not Have A Bank Parent. Being Regulated By The Top-tier Fca And Asic Is A Good Sign For Etoro’s Safety.

2. IFC Markets Review


IFC Markets Regulation

Ifc Markets Is Regulated By The British Virgin Island Financial Services Commission (Bvi Fsc). The Reputation Of This Regulatory Board Is Questionable Due To The Limited Thresholds For Companies To Register. With That Said, The Brokerage Does Assure That Client Funds Are Held In Segregated Accounts.

IFC Markets Accepted Countries

IFC Markets accepts traders from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar

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IFC Markets Conclusion

The Ifc Markets Group Was Established In 2006, Consisting Of Regulated Subsidiaries Operating Via Separate Web Domains. The Broker Offers 600+ Trading Instruments In 18 Languages Across 80 Countries From India And Singapore To Iran, Canada, Armenia And Asia. The Company Follows An Stp Model With Pricing Quotes Direct From Liquidity Providers.

3. Binary.Com Review


Binary.Com Regulation

Binary.com Is Regulated By The Malta Financial Services Authority As A Category 3 Investment Services Provider Under The License Number Is/70156.

Binary.Com Accepted Countries

Binary.com accepts traders from Australia, Thailand, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar

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Binary.Com Conclusion

Binary.com Appears To Be Unique When It Comes To Its Trading Offers Or The Kind Of Platform That It Offers. They Also Have An Added Advantage, That Is, It Charges As Little As $5 At The Time Of Opening A Real Account.

4. Amana Capital Review


Amana Capital Regulation

The Company Also Holds 6 Regulatory Licenses With The Fca (Uk), Dfsa/difc (Dubai), Cysec (Cyprus), Cma (Lebanon), Lfsa (Malaysia), And Fsc (Mauritius).

Amana Capital Accepted Countries

Amana Capital accepts traders from Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar

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Amana Capital Is A Global Broker, Which Operates Through 5 Global Offices And Performs Comprehensive Trading Providing Services For A Range Of Tools And Instruments.

5. VPFX Review


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Ventura Prime Fx Limited Is Regulated By The Labuan Financial Services Authority. We’re Trusted By Traders Worldwide As Their Funds Are Segregated In Independent Bank Accounts, Ensuring Real Peace Of Mind.

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VPFX Conclusion

VPFX Is A Transparent Online Broker That Offers Diverse Trading Instruments, Various Accounts Types, Popular And Powerful Trading Platforms, And Trading Tools To Facilitate All Clients Across The World. Vpfx Clients Are Assured That Their Funds Are Held Securely And Customer Support Is Available Around The Clock 24/5 To Assist Clients. Vpfx Is Regulated By The Labuan Financial Services Authority And By The Australian Securities Investment Commission.

6. Vipro Markets Review


Vipro Markets Regulation

Vipro Markets Cy — Located In Cyprus, Regulated By The Cyprus Securities And Exchange Commission (Cysec). Vipro Markets Sa — Located In South Africa, Regulated By The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (Fsca).

Vipro Markets Accepted Countries

Vipro Markets Accepts Clients From All Over The World, Excluding Usa, Cuba, Iraq, Myanmar, North Korea And Sudan

Vipro Markets Platforms

  • Web Trader
  • MT4

Vipro Markets Deposit & Withdrawal

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Vipro Markets Conclusion

Vipro Markets” Is The International Controlled Broker That Provides The Possibility To Trade On Forex. The Main Goal Of “vipro Markets” Is To Build Trust-based Partnership With The Traders, And To Invest In Technological Innovations.

7. FBS Review


FBS Regulation

Fbs Is Authorized And Regulated By Cysec For Its Eu And Uk Clients, By Asic For Its Australian Clients, And By The Ifsc And Fsca For International Clients.

FBS Accepted Countries

Russia, Ukraine, Uae, Turkey, Moldova, The Uk, Azerbaijan, Georgia, And Iran. It Supports Usd, Eur, Gold, And Bitcoin.

FBS Platforms

  • MT4
  • MT5

FBS Deposit & Withdrawal

  • Credit Card
  • Neteller
  • WeChat Pay
  • Skrill

FBS Conclusion

Fbs Sounds More Reliable To Separate Diabetic From Non-diabetic Subjects Than Hba1c. In Case Of Being Interested In Using Hba1c In Screening, The Conventional Cutoff Points Of 6% Is An Acceptable Threshold For Discrimination Of Diabetics From Non-diabetics.

8. FXTM Review


FXTM Regulation

Fxtm Brand Is Regulated By Cysec (The Regulatory Body For Cyprus) And The Fca (The Financial Regulatory Body For The Uk) And The Fsc (The Regulatory Body In Mauritius).

FXTM Accepted Countries

FXTM accepts traders from Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar

FXTM Platforms

  • MT4
  • MT5

FXTM Deposit & Withdrawal

  • UnionPay
  • Visa
  • WorldPay
  • Skrill

FXTM Conclusion

Fxtm Gives A Quality Trading Potential For Both Beginners And Experienced Traders Or Investors. Moreover, There Are Other Advantages With Forextime Too, The Accounts Variety Is Very Impressive Allows Any Trader Best Suitable Option Either With Flexible Or Floating Leverage

9. HYCM Review


HYCM Regulation

These Authorities Are The Uk Financial Conduct Authority (Fca); The Dubai Financial Services Authority (Dfsa); The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (Cima); And The Cyprus Securities And Exchange Commission (Cysec).

HYCM Accepted Countries

Hycm Is Not Able To Accept Clients From The Following Countries: Afghanistan, Albania, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Botswana, Cambodia, Canada

HYCM Platforms

  • WebTrader
  • MT4
  • MT5

HYCM Deposit & Withdrawal

  • Visa
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

HYCM Conclusion

T Offers A Reliable Platform To Traders All Across The World To Trade Forex And Cfd Brokers With Industry-leading Technology Integration, Assume Smooth Trading With Hycm And Higher Trade Execution Speed. This Hycm Review Covers All The Essentials Of Trading With A Broker, Including The Hycm Login Process, Customer Support, Regulation, Asset Options, Spreads And Margins Offered, Bonuses, Minimum Deposit Requirements, Deposit And Withdrawal Methods, And Bonus Offerings.

10. Tickmill Review


Tickmill Regulation

Tickmill Ltd Is Regulated By The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (Fsa). Tickmill Uk Ltd Is Authorised By The Financial Conduct Authority (Fca). Tickmill Europe Ltd Is Regulated By The Cyprus Securities And Exchange Commission (Cysec).

Tickmill Accepted Countries

Tickmill accepts traders from Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway

Tickmill Platforms

  • MT4
  • WebTrader

Tickmill Deposit & Withdrawal

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit&Debit Cards

Tickmill Conclusion

It Is Evident From The Tickmill Review And Overall Rating That The Broker Is Ideal For Both Beginners And Experts In The Industry. Traders Engage In Intense Forex Trading At The Broker Site Of Tickmill For Free. The Educational Hub Of Tickmill Is Highly Suited For All, And The Smart Tools, Popular Instruments, And Technologies Enable The Extraction Of Decent Profits.
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Black Adam Now Playing: Where to Watch ‘Black Adam’ (Free) Online Streaming anywhere Here’s How 2022

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Watch Black Adam Online Free Full Movie Streaming. Black Adam Watch Online.

Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Watch OnlineBlack Adam (2022) Hindi Dubbed Watch Online Movie HD Print. The streaming war is always intensifying, and that means one thing for viewers — more options. Invited by her newfound family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, Evie's at first seduced by the sexy aristocratic host. When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Chinese Army to defend the country from Huns, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Stream entertaining videos from Movies Dubbed in Hindi online on JioCinema. These days, there are endless options when it comes to entertainment apps, all of which bring blockbuster movies and hit TV shows right to our Smart TVs, Roku devices, and smartphones. Explore unlimited library of videos in HD Quality. VIKRAMADITHYAN | Salute 2021 | Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Part 01 | Dulquer Salmaan, Unni. Many people might be wondering where to watch Insidious Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed, so we have come up with the details on Insidious Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed watch online. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR 2018 HINDI FULL MOVIE ONLINE DOWNLOAD 720. Action Thriller Hindi Dubbed Full Movies 2021 | ASWATHAMA. Watch Taqdeer Full Movie on Disney+ Hotstar now. TK 720p Blu Ray [ Hindi DD 5. We have curated the list of the new Tamil movie, the latest films, and more. A cowboy doll is profoundly threatened and jealous when a new spaceman action figure supplants him as top toy in a boy's bedroom. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. Kalasi Palya Junction (2014) - Hindi Movies 2014 Full Movie - Darshan. Link to watch Online movie "Acharya Telugu (Hindi) " in Hindi. Subscribe Us for Non-Stop Action Movies Dhamaka - https://goo. 9 Hindi Dubbed Black Adam (2022) Hindi Dubbed PreDVD Oct. Hindi Dubbed Movies de MoviePlus488. He has his own violent ways of extracting debts when debtors do not repay, and this changes after he falls for a woman named Kalavathi, who deceives him into granting her loan for her studies, while in reality she is. 1/10 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance Stars: Nithiin, Keerthy Suresh, V. Movie Lenghth Malignant (HDCam Rip). Black Adam Movie will be available to watch online on very soon! Last Update 19 October 2022 Do you like Horror movies? If so, then you'll love Jessica M. List of Best Dubbed Movies Hindi Movies Watch Online Free - Page 2 of 180. Top Gun Maverick Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed Watch Online Click Hare. Sushant Singh Rajput Jab Tak Hai Jaan 10th Day Box Office Collection. In this article, you can watch online Hindi dubbed Singham 3 2017 movie-Free HD. forza horizon 4 pc download zlatan list of clubs path of daggers chapter 24. Gnanavel Raja, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada Written by: Hari. Sathyam and Chaitra meet unexpectedly and decide to only lie to each other. Bodhidharma, an ancient legend from 6th century, was a master in martial arts and medicines. But as he learns, he will have to do battle with possessed animatronic creatures to survive the night. Watch full Hindi Movies online anytime & anywhere on ZEE5. the substitute relationship novel; sahin tepesi episode 2 english subtitles vimeo; goat simulator apk; pisos cornella alquiler; que es el punto geodesico; screws and bolts online; fnf vs majin sonic; modular farmhouse with wrap around porch. com to do an advanced search to find a movie based on just a few details. Black Adam (2022) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online · Zencastr Black Adam (2022) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online Watch Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Free Online HERE 21 sec ago !~Still Now Here Option’s To downloading or or watching Black Adam movie online for. DJ Action Scene South Indian Hindi Dubbed Best Action Scene 720 x 1280. billa full movie in hindi. Liger 2022 Download Liger Movie Hindi Dubbed Online Free. Karthikeya 2 is a Telugu mystery action-adventure film written, and directed by Chandoo Mondeti which has a gripping screenplay and an engaging narration. ly/IB1UV2A] 21 sec ago !~Still Now Here Option's To downloading or or watching Black Adam movie online for. 2022-7-25 · Jism 2 Special Hindi Movie Full Torrent Download Free 2016 — Print:. When you fall in love with the bright colors, exciting music and fun stories that come with watching new Punjabi movies online, you definitely don’t want to miss your favorite stars and their projects. Presenting South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie HD (Action Romantic Movies, साउथ मूवी, सुपरहिट हिंदी डब्ड फिल्म) "AAGNIASTRA" starring Naga Shourya, Mehreen Pirzada. chase merchant category codes; fasting to get married soon in islam; broided in hebrew; gmod maps with elevators; smsl m500 mkii review; nyc marathon 2022 route; mpreg wattpad completed; lausd misis. Malignant (HDCam Rip) is a Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Monster (2022) HQ Hindi Dubbed Full. DJ Action Scene South Indian Hindi Dubbed Best Action Scene 720 x 1280. 8 Best Sites To Watch Hindi Dubbed Movies 1. Nithin's Action Packed Scenes - Best Dialogue Hit Fight Scene Compilation Video - Full movies - Hindi full movie - Hindi İndia dubbed - action best 2015,Hollywood HD. {Bengal Tige} || Dubbed Full Movie HD, || # Ravi Teja ,Rashi Khanna || South Indian Movies. Movie Lenghth Malignant (HDCam Rip) New Hollywood Dubbed Movies is 93 minuts and its dubbed is also avilable in HINDI,ENGLISH also you can watch movie subtitles in this movie video,. Can Lingesan bounce back and exact revenge upon his enemies?. Drishyam 2 ( 2021) New Sout Full Movie Hindi Fan Dubbed [ Hindi ( Fan Dubbed) And Malayalam] Esub HD [ No Ads] 400mb. Maneater (2022) Hindi Dubpbed Movie Watch Online HD Print Download Watch Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Online in HD Movie Download Hub Free Download. Joker (HDCam Rip) Full Movie Watch Online | Download. Watch Taqdeer Full Movie on Disney+ Hotstar now. "Shamshera" Watch FULL Film Online. If you’re a Jio user, JioCinema should be no stranger to you. DJ Action Scene South Indian Hindi Dubbed Best Action Scene - MovieClips ActionScene. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Salute Movie Hindi Dubbed part 1 /2. It has a 7% market share in the OTT platform business among Netflix and Amazon Prime. 1] Topics Free Download Hollywood hindi dubbed movies , Free Download Khatrimaza hindi dubbed movies for free , hollywood hindi dubbed movies torrent. 2022-7-25 · Jism 2 Special Hindi Movie Full Torrent Download Free 2016 — Print:. Presenting South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie HD (Action Romantic Movies, साउथ मूवी, सुपरहिट हिंदी डब्ड फिल्म. Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi starrer Master finally has been released in theatres on January 13 after much delay due to coronavirus pandemic. Jana Gana Mana 2022 Hindi Dubbed: As a college professor's brutal murder sparks student unrest, a cop launches an investigation while a lawyer seeks justice in the the courtroom. Drishyam Addeddate 2021-06-21. to : visit the most interesting Hindi Links4u pages, well. In the 1950s, Alice and Jack live in the idealized community of Victory, an experimental company town that houses the men who work on a top-secret project. An American agent, under false suspicion of disloyalty, must discover and expose the real spy without the help of his organization. Watch Online Movies TV high quality Streaming all over the world by zengatv. Life (2017) Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online HD Print Download Watch Full Movie Life (2017) Hindi Dubbed Online in HD Movie Download Hub Free By Type Dubbed Movies Hindi Dubbed Movies Horror 7. Avinash gets separated from his childhood love Priya. Director: Ben Stiller | Stars: Ben Stiller , Jack Black , Robert Downey Jr. Also, explore 40+ Hindi Movies Online in full HD from our latest Hindi Movies collection. DJ (Dubbed in Hindi) PART 1 - Watch Movie Online for Free. Voot is another free Hindi site to watch Hindi movies online HD quality free. MR_ Movie Gen. Sarrainodu (4K ULTRA HD) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet Singh, Catherine Tresa · The A-Team · मैडम गीता रानी (4K . Genre : Action, Adventure, Thriller. Category name : New Hollywood Dubbed Movies. Share to Popcorn Maker Sarrainodu Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet Singh, Catherine Tresa, Srikanth, Aadhi. One Take Media Co. " When his vehicle breaks down in a small town, he accepts a job cleaning a rundown children's arcade for a night in exchange for having his ride fixed. The leak comes at a time when the makers were already facing the issue of a few leaked scenes from. A dying father tells his son Abhiram to seek revenge on the cunning man who cheated him in business, years ago. Top 10 Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online in HD 1. To watch Insidious Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed online you should subscribe to Prime Video. Download Rang De (2021) Hindi HQ Dubbed HDRip 720p & 480p x264 | Full Movie Watch Rang De Full Movie in Hindi Online Free on HDHub4u ! Rang De (Hindi Dubbed) iMDB Rating: 6. tv site indexes movies from all over the Web, and many of these movies are being hosted illegally on other sites. When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Chinese Army to defend the country from Huns, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored. We work on best HD Quality based print, My hobby is Watch Hindi dubbed movies online free download and i daily watch New Released South Indian Hindi Dubbed . Watch All Hindi Dubbed Movies Movies. Director: Brian De Palma | Stars: Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle Béart, Henry Czerny. movie released in. wild wolf size pb foods ltd latest turnover; cave of wonders. Download Liger (2022) Full Movie Hindi HD Dubbed Filmyzilla, mp4moviez, 9xmovies, Moviesda, Tamilrockers: Hello friends, thank you very much for visiting our website today. From those who love watching foreign films to those who watch to honor their own heritage, fans of Indian-produced films are always on the hunt for the ne. Jurassic World ( 2015) Dubbed In Hindi Blu Ray HD Print Full. Nota full movie Tamil part 1. By Type Dubbed. Hotstar The first site that we will introduce is Hotstar; it is an Indian site wherein you can watch Bollywood movies and it is one of the best sites to watch Tamil movies online anytime you want. Fast And Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw 2019 Hindi ORG Dual Audio 720p Blu Ray ESubs Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Salute Movie Hindi Dubbed part 1 /2. com Movie Name: Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India Dubbed Movie Name: Surya The Soldier Genre: Action, Romance, Drama Director: Vakkantham Vamsi Producers: Sridhar Lagadapati, Sirisha Lagadapati, Bunny Vas, K. It is known as one of India's most prominent video streaming sites, and it offers thousands of hours of data for all types of consumers. If you’re a Jio user, JioCinema should be no stranger to you. (Download or watch link is available at the end of the article) Watch online Hindi dubbed Singham 3 2017 movie only on Movienasha. Watch Forensic (Hindi Dubbed) (Hindi) Full HD Movie Online on ZEE5. Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movies Here in Best HD Print Quality, Also Download These Movies From our Website Directly, We Collect All Bollywood, . Will fate play its part and bring the two estranged lovers together as grown-ups? Watchlist. GodSe 2022 Hindi Dubbed: A reunion with friends changes the way Godse perceives the system. Link to watch Online movie "Acharya Telugu (Hindi) " in Hindi. Karthikeya 2: A Spiritual Thriller. She is spirited, determined and quick on her feet. Watch full Hindi Movies online anytime & anywhere on ZEE5. Sonyx mobile. 2022-7-25 · Jism 2 Special Hindi Movie Full Torrent Download Free 2016 — Print:. Jana Gana Mana 2022 Hindi Dubbed: As a college professor’s brutal murder sparks student unrest, a cop launches an investigation while a lawyer seeks justice in the the courtroom. In 365 Days, Cage plays a man known only as "the Janitor. Toy Story 2 (1999) G | 92 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy. The film is dubbed in Hindi from Tamil. - Allu Arjun Best Action Scene From DJ _ South Indian Hindi Dubbed Best Action Scene. 1 + #English Quality: 720p HDRip Movie Resolution: 1280*720 Subtitle: #English Format: Mkv Director: Álex Pina Actors: Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Úrsula Corberó. Watch Latest Hindi Full Movies Online Free, Dubbed in Hindi Movies, Indian Documentaries, TV Shows, Awards and more. Jism 2 Part Aashiqui 2 English: Romance 2 is a Indian romantic musical drama Aashiqui 2 Hindi P HD. Watch Online Hollywood Dubbed Hindi Movies 2017 | Hollywood Action Movie 2017 | Hollywood Movies in Hindi Dubbed Movies TV high quality Streaming all over the world by zengatv. Hindi movies have a huge fan base in America. DJ Action Scene South Indian Hindi Dubbed Best Action Scene 720 x 1280. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR 2018 HINDI FULL MOVIE 850MB FILMYWAP. 7 Hindi Dubbed Memory (2022) Hindi Dubbed Apr. On the plus side, all of those options means some healthy competition, even when it comes. Watch or Download Now!. anaconda attack Hollywood movies in hindi full hd #hollywood #bollywood. Soon, after they fall in love, Sathyam encounters Padmanabham, a criminal on the. Overview : Natasha Romanoff, also known as The Conjuring 3, confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. Director: John Lasseter | Stars: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles, Jim Varney. mandela tamil movie watch online with english subtitles; rocky mountain power outage map; osu skin raiden shogun. Naresh Director: Venky Atluri Language: Hindi (H. After the death of her mother and having no other known relatives, Evie takes a DNA test and discovers a long-lost cousin she never knew she had. Check out the latest Tamil Movies that will keep you and your whole family entertained. TK 720p Blu Ray [ Hindi DD 5. Top Gun Maverick Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed Watch Online Click Hare Top Gun: Maverick is directed by Joseph Kosinski and written by Peter Craig, and Justin Marks, and also features Val Kilmer, Miles Teller, and Glen Powell. What follows is a fight between Godse and the government for justice. Abhiram, lays out an interesting plan to avenge his family’s sufferings. His growing popularity and righteousness threaten a few who decide to maim him. Description : Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment, a social worker. Watch Chennai vs China (Hindi) Full HD Movie Online on ZEE5. Doomsday (2008) A futuristic action thriller where a team of people work to prevent a disaster threatening the future of the human race. Famil Ek Deal is a 2016 Hindi dubbed action drama film starring Junior N. DJ Action Scene South Indian Hindi Dubbed Best Action Scene - MovieClips ActionScene. Presenting South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie HD (Action Romantic Movies, साउथ मूवी, सुपरहिट हिंदी डब्ड फिल्म) "AAGNIASTRA" starring Naga Shourya, Mehreen Pirzada. List of Best Dubbed Movies Hindi Movies Watch Online Free. Drishyam Addeddate 2021-06-21 17:23:26 Identifier drishyam-2-2021-new-sout-full-movie-hindi-fan-dubbed-hindi-fan-dubbed-and-malaya Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1. He begins to unravel the system's hidden agenda that robs off the careers and lives of students. 8 Hindi Dubbed Star Wars Andor (2022) Hindi Season 1 Episdoe 7. Disguised as a man by the name of Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must. Tamil HD Movies | Erotic 18+ Movies | Teague Movies | Hindi Dubbed Movies. Tholi Prema (HD) | New Romantic Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Varun Tej, Raashi KhannaSynopsis: Aditya, an outgoing young man, falls in love with Varsha, an intr. Black Adam Movie will be available to watch online on very soon! Last Update 19 October 2022. 8 Best Sites To Watch Hindi Dubbed Movies 1. While the husbands toil away, the wives get to enjoy the beauty, luxury and debauchery of their seemingly perfect paradise. Aquaman 2018 Full Movie Free Download And Online Watch Dual - audio English - Hindi hdrip 480p,720p, 1080p Home 0% liked this film Google users Category: Fantasy, Science film Language:. Vyshali (Aishwarya Lekshmi), the assistant superintendent of police, is forcefully tasked. Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Surya The Soldier 2018 Movie source: www. Watch HINDI DUBBED ENGLISH ACTION MOVIE Live. Welcome To Aditya MoviesFollow and Enjoy The Latest Hind Dubbed Movie " Love Story " Starring Naga Chaitanya , Sai Pallavi Exclusively on Aditya Movies. Black Adam (2022) Hindi Dubbed Watch online Movies Free Download. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR full movie hd (2018) torrent download. Bodhidharma, an ancient legend from 6th century, was a master in martial arts and medicines. Directed by Sampath NandiProduced by K. High quality has been leaked starring Tom Cruise and is available on various kinds of social media and websites. Watch Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Free Online HERE [https://cutt. It can not only download Hollywood movies in Hindi dubbed, but also support downloading Bollywood movies, and some regional movies, like Panjabi movies, South Hindi dubbed movies, Pakistani movies, etc. There are various plans available for the users, so select one of the plans and enjoy watching your favourite movies or series. Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the Egyptian gods—and imprisoned just as quickly—Black Adam is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world. Watch Taqdeer Full Movie on Disney+ Hotstar now. Famil Ek Deal is a 2016 Hindi dubbed action drama film starring Junior N. Movie Lenghth Malignant (HDCam Rip) New Hollywood Dubbed Movies is 93 minuts and its dubbed is also avilable in HINDI,ENGLISH also you can watch movie subtitles in this movie video, subtitles is also avilable in. Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. KHATRIMAZA AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR 2018 HINDI 2018 HINDI FULL MOVIE WATCH ONLINE. It can not only download Hollywood movies in Hindi dubbed, but also support downloading Bollywood movies, and some regional movies, like Panjabi movies, South Hindi dubbed movies, Pakistani movies, etc. Yeh Hai Gaddar - Venkatesh - South Dubbed Hindi Movies 2014 Full Movie. Will fate play its part and bring the two estranged. Toy Story 2 (1999) G | 92 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Black Adam (2022) Hindi Dubbed Watch online Movies Free Download. GodSe 2022 Hindi Dubbed: A reunion with friends changes the way Godse perceives the system. A cowboy doll is profoundly threatened and jealous when a new spaceman action figure supplants him as top toy in a boy's bedroom. Jism 2 Part Aashiqui 2 English: Romance 2 is a Indian romantic musical drama Aashiqui 2 Hindi P HD. Life (2017) Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online HD Print Download Watch Full Movie Life (2017) Hindi Dubbed Online in HD Movie Download Hub Free By Type Dubbed Movies Hindi Dubbed Movies Horror 7. To watch Insidious Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed online you should subscribe to Prime Video. Director: John Lasseter | Stars: Tom Hanks, Tim. Fast And Furious 8 2017 Blu Ray Hindi English 720p Mkv Cinemas Movies Preview Fast and Furious 8 in Hindi Dubbed Addeddate 2020-11-22 14:43:12 Identifier fast-and. Watch Best Movies Online (Full Movie), Bollywood and Hollywood Movies 2022. Just click and watch it in the HD version. Veronica Hollywood horror movie Hindi dubbed. Centuries later, when Subha, a student, tries to revive Bodhidharma’s skills and find a cure to a virus, Dong Lee from China comes to foil her plans. Through a series of freak occurrences, a group of actors shooting a big-budget war movie are forced to become the soldiers they are portraying. ly/IB1UV2A] 21 sec ago !~Still Now Here Option’s To downloading or or watching Black Adam movie online for. com Movie Name: Si 3 (Singham 3) Genre: Action, Romance, Thriller Director: Hari Producer: K. , Rakul Preet Singh and Jagapathi Babu. Famil Ek Deal is a 2016 Hindi dubbed action drama film starring Junior N. Also, it consists of favorite TV channels colors, Nickelodeon, Blockbuster movies, and more. Watch Online HINDI DUBBED ENGLISH ACTION MOVIE Live TV Streaming from India with high quality at zengatv. LIE (2017) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie. Top Gun: Maverick is directed by Joseph Kosinski and written by Peter Craig, and Justin Marks, and also features Val Kilmer, Miles Teller, and Glen Powell. Watch fullscreen. 5M subscribers Welcome To Aditya. the substitute relationship novel; sahin tepesi episode 2 english subtitles vimeo; goat simulator apk; pisos cornella alquiler; que es el punto geodesico; screws and bolts online; fnf vs majin sonic; modular farmhouse with wrap around porch. Lokesh Kanagaraj’s film, which is one of. Watch Black Adam Online ? Black Adam online can be watched by through Roku, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, iTunes,Watch Black Adam Online. Fagbenle, Rachel Weisz, William Hurt. Watch your favourite hindi films online of all genres Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Thriller, and Horror only on JioCinema. hindi dubbed movie watch online hd print free download hub watch online. billa full movie in hindi. A cowboy doll is profoundly threatened and jealous when a new spaceman action figure supplants him as top toy in a boy's bedroom. The site allows users to search its database of 3,367,748 titles and 6,636,954 names, as of December 2015, based on. gl/YEeMvW Genre: Action-Adventure-Fantasy Starcast: Charlie Trairat, Surachai Sangagard , Pemnee Sangkorn , Suchao Pongvilai. Stars : Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz, Patricia Velasquez, Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Audio: Hindi,english. He begins to unravel the system’s hidden agenda that robs off the careers and lives of students. By Type Dubbed Movies Hindi Dubbed Movies Horror Thriller. - Allu Arjun Best Action Scene From DJ _ South Indian Hindi Dubbed Best Action Scene. To save your data, I created the short trailer video for you to get a preview of what you are downloading. Black Adam Movie will be available to watch online on very soon! Last Update 19 October 2022 Do you like Horror movies? If so, then you’ll love Jessica M. Watch Forensic 2020 (Hindi Dubbed) full movie online in HD. In the 1950s, Alice and Jack live in the idealized community of Victory, an experimental company town that houses the men who work on a top-secret project. It is an Indian subscription video streaming site that is operated and owned by Star India. watch bollywood movie online like comments. Nagendra Basu, Sushil Choudhary. It has a 7% market share in the OTT platform business among. Watch or Download Now!. Top Gun was a 1986 Action-Adventure. Watch I (2015) (Hindi) Full HD Movie Online on ZEE5. Vyshali (Aishwarya Lekshmi), the assistant superintendent of police, is forcefully tasked to deal with unknown kidnapper Godse (Satyadev. Within hours of the release Master full movie is leaked and is available online to watch. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Stream entertaining videos from Movies Dubbed in Hindi online on JioCinema. Stars : Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, David Harbour, O. After the death of her mother and having no other known relatives, Evie takes a DNA test and discovers a long-lost cousin she never knew she had. Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Singham 3 2017- HD source: www. Stream entertaining videos from Movies Dubbed in Hindi online on JioCinema. Also, it consists of favorite TV channels colors, Nickelodeon, Blockbuster movies, and more. watch bollywood movie online like comments. I is a 2015 action thriller film starring Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi and Upen Patel. Fast and Furious 7 in Hindi Dubbed. Billa is a 2007 Hindi action film starring Ajith Kumar, Prabhu, Nayantara & others. staring Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz, Patricia Velasquez. Fast and Furious 7 in Hindi Dubbed. Today, after 36 years, the sequel of the movie Top Gun: Maverick ' was released. Watch Online Hindi Dubbed Full Movies Here in Best HD Print Quality. Underworld Don Billa is operating from Malaysia. The Man with the Iron Fists (2012) On the hunt. directed by sampath nandi produced by k. Pushpa The Rise Part 1 2021 Hindi Dubbed Movie. Sarkaru Vaari Paata 2022 Hindi Dubbed: Following the death of his parents, Mahesh aka Mahi grows up in USA to start a loan agency named Mahi Finance Corporation. Watch this movie in Telugu language and let us tell you that in this you will get to see the following actors as Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Pandey. Drishyam 2 ( 2021) New Sout Full Movie Hindi Fan Dubbed [ Hindi ( Fan Dubbed) And Malayalam] Esub HD [ No Ads] 400mb. Watch London Has Fallen full movie dubbed in Hindi online on MX Player for Free! The city of London gets invaded by a terrorist army during the burial of a . A cowboy doll is profoundly threatened and jealous when a new spaceman action figure supplants him as top toy in a boy's bedroom. 2 Hindi Dubbed Life (2017) Hindi Dubbed 7. Check out the latest Tamil Movies that will keep you and your whole family entertained. Fans can watch Insidious Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed series online at Prime Video. Watch best Hindi movies online of all geners with Digit ratings and streaming service providers list. Will Dong Lee succeed in his plans?. Aquaman 2018 Full Movie Free Download And Online Watch Dual. Fast And Furious 7 2015 Blu Ray Hindi English 720p Mkv Cinemas Movies Preview Fast and Furious 7 in Hindi Dubbed Addeddate 2020-11-21 15:27:20 Identifier fast-and-furious-7-2015-blu-ray-hindi-english-720p-mkv-cinemas Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1. Watch Vinaya Vidheya Rama - Disney+ Hotstar Vinaya Vidheya Rama Action Tamil 2019U/A 16+ Ram, a righteous man, who is devoted to his foster brothers, finds his life falling apart when a cruel dictator targets his peace-loving family. watch hindi movies online free zila ghaziabad need for speed full movie in hindi download hd need for speed full movie watch online in hindi dubbed hd hindi film wanted song hindi movie video songs dirty picture need for speed movie in hindi dubbed 720p watch online judul film india hrithik roshan d8a470f586 runway hindi movie songs mp3 download. "Love Story" New Hindi Dubbed Full Movie. One Take Media Co. Dziewczyny z Dubaju (2021) Hindi Dubbed Unofficial Girls From Dubai. How long is the film Black Adam? 1h 44m. 12, 2018 3 HD Another 9 1/2 Weeks (1998) Hindi Dubbed Jun. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Hindi Dubbed Republic Z (2018) Hindi Dubbed Apr. Stream entertaining videos from Movies Dubbed in Hindi online on JioCinema. Enjoy watching For Free Watch Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Dailymotion Watch Avengers: Infinity War (2018) IMDB Watch Avengers: Infinity War (2018) MOJOboxoffice Watch Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Streaming Avengers: Infinity War Full Movie Online Avengers: Infinity War English Film Free Watch Online Avengers: Infinity War English Film. DJ (Dubbed in Hindi) PART 1 - Watch Movie Online for Free. We follow the story of ACP Sajjan, played by the ever-dependable National Award winner Suraj Venjaramoodu, who is assigned the sensational case of the brutal murder. Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item Jurassic World ( 2015) Dubbed In Hindi Blu Ray HD Print Full Movie Download IPagal. was formed to be a successful conduit between high quality content producers, content channels & distribution from across the globe and to the right audiences. Watch Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Free Online HERE [https://cutt. Disguised as a man by the name of Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her. Welcome To Aditya Movies Watch & Enjoy #Check Hindi Dubbed Full Movie starring Nithiin, Rakul Preet Singh, Pri … Show more. Thalapathy Vijay & Vijay Sethupathi's Master Full Movie. In this article, there will be no extra ads and no disturbing ads, no popups will be there. tv y movies on netflix. radha mohan written by sampath nandi screenplay by sampath nandi story by sampath nandi starring #raviteja #tamannaah #rashikhanna boman irani music by. Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item Jurassic World ( 2015) Dubbed In Hindi Blu Ray HD Print Full Movie Download IPagal. Watch Best Movies Online (Full Movie), Bollywood and Hollywood …. The film serves as a sequel to the 2014 riveting adventure-thriller Karthikeya and stars Nikhil Siddhartha, Anupama Parameswaran, and Anupam Kher in the lead roles who have given exceptional performances. Full English Hindi Dubbed Movie, english dubbed full movies 2017, latest dubbed full movies 2016, hollywood movies 2018 full movies in hindi, hindi dubbed full movies, hollywood dubbed full movies 2018, latest dubbed full movies 2018, new hollywood hindi duubed full movies, thriller film, action film, full action film, Thor: Ragnarok,, Blade Runner 2049, Fast \\u0026 Furious 8, new action. RoboCop (1987) In a dystopic and crime-ridden. Enjoy Forensic 2020 (Hindi Dubbed) starring Tovino Thomas, Mamta Mohandas, Saiju Kurup, . Invited by her newfound family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, Evie’s at first seduced by the sexy aristocratic host. Voot is another free Hindi site to watch Hindi movies online HD quality free. We have curated the list of the new Tamil movie, the latest films, and more. The Man with the Iron Fists (2012) On the hunt. Full English Hindi Dubbed Movie, english dubbed full movies 2017, latest dubbed full movies 2016, hollywood movies 2018 full movies in hindi, hindi dubbed full movies, hollywood dubbed full movies 2018, latest dubbed full movies 2018, new hollywood hindi duubed full movies, thriller film, action film, full action film, Thor: Ragnarok,, Blade Runner 2049, Fast \\u0026 Furious 8, new action. If you want to download and watch The Monkey King 3 Hindi Dubbed Movies Online, kindly open the short video below, open the link in the description of the video and you get the full movie for free. Lingesan, a local bodybuilder, falls in love with Diya and accidentally enters the world of modelling. Voot is another free Hindi site to watch Hindi movies online HD quality free. Mira la lista de reproducción Hindi Dubbed Movies de MoviePlus488 en Dailymotion. "Check" Latest Hindi Dubbed Full Movie 2022 [4K Ultra HD] | Nithiin, Rakul Preet, PriyaVarrier 153,028,221 views Premiered Jan 25, 2022 Aditya Movies 24. RoboCop (1987) In a dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories. Hollywood Dubbed In Hindi Watch Online by imran ali. hindi Movies: Watch Latest hindi Movies Online on JioCinema. However, it will be available in theaters starting August 26, 2022. Aug 18, 2022 Liger 2022 Download Liger Movie Hindi Dubbed Online Free Leaked On Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, 9xmovies, Moviesda, Tamilrockers, Telegram In 720p, 1080p HD Download Liger (2022) Full Movie Hindi HD Dubbed Filmyzilla, mp4moviez, 9xmovies, Moviesda, Tamilrockers: Hello friends, thank you very much for visiting our website today. How Do You Find a Movie Using a Description of the Movie?. Fans can watch Insidious Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed series online at Prime Video. Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Watch your favourite hindi films online of all genres Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Thriller, and Horror only on JioCinema.
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